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New Krugman column: progressives rightly "disillusioned" with Obama. He’s "ignoring" and "insulting" them. For example: Why the delay in naming Elizabeth Warren to post? 

USA Today: Probe finds surging Army suicides tied to rising alcohol/drug use, crime and refusal to get help — and also out-to-lunch commanders, some who don’t even know about suicides until weeks later.

The Guardian with valuable video on toll in Afghan….. U.S. death toll there in July hits monthly high….. And (below) an incredible new video, based on WikiLeaks’ leaks. of IED blasts and toll in Afghan since 2004.


My response to TIME cover with mutilated Afghan girl here. Jezebel comments on the TIME cover: "It’s not the image, which demands that apathetic readers confront religiously-sanctioned violence against women without looking away. It’s the headline."

Andy Borowitz: "Interestingly, Snooki doesn’t know who Obama is either."  

Cluster bomb "ban" takes effect with — naturally — the U.S. and Israel not going along with it. 

NOTE:  I am (finally) going away for a weekend so no afternoon updates today, no Weekend editions either, sorry.

PALIN AROUND WITH PANELS  Palin’s "death panel" charge during the health plan debate, ridiculed and apparently destroyed, actually still embraced by large number of Americans, poll finds.

TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT  The Onion nails it:  Unemployment High Because People Keep Blowing Their Job Interviews.

NOT THE ONION:  William Shatner interviews one of the D.C. snipers (and makes some news).

EPA / BP CONSPIRACY?  Three decades ago, in articles and in a book, I wrote a good deal about EPA whistleblower Hugh Kaufman, mainly in relation to Love Canal and other toxic waste sites.  He’s still at it, this time on Countdown exposing what he called an EPA / BP conspiracy to cover up some of the Gulf oil leak hazards, including the threat from the dispersant.

OBAMA RE: ‘VIEW’  My colleague Melanie Breault looks at the media reaction to Obama’s visit to a certain daytime talk show. Jon Stewart had some fun with it, too:

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SHIRLEY A MISTAKE   Breitbart responds to Shirley Sherrod lawsuit by quoting her out of context–again…. Chris Matthews claimed on Hardball yesterday that Breitbart’s video of Sherrod was not edited–and was so embarrassed to get this so wrong he re-taped his comments when program re-run.

BARRY STRONG ATTACK on PAULSON:  Econ blogger Barry Ritholtz rips apart Hank Paulson op-ed in Wash Post, especially going after his explanation for crisis: " If this exercise wasn’t such a transparent attempt at self-exoneration, it would be amusing, Instead, it is merely pathetic."

BYTES & PIECES  Politico hit for failing to correct WikiLeaks snark…. Michael Hastings violated embed ground rules? So why has he been approved for another embed in Afghanistan? …. Important Andrew Bacevich book coming next week.  For a TomDispatch preview go here…. More on Palin backers demanding PBS "refudiate" comic Andy Borowitz…. MoveOn.org with protest of dangerous gas drilling — a Fracking Big Deal.


Finally a new edition of Zach G’s "Between Two Ferns," this time with Steve "Pinocchio" Carell. Hey, who knew he was Italian? 




A key scene in The Kids Are All Right features Annette Bening getting a bit carried away with a dinner table rendition of Joni Mitchell’s "River." If you have somehow never heard original, here it is in rare live form: