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Sorry, folks, I have to do a very limited edition of Daybook today, due to exiting early for annual physical. But besides a few items below, see today’s Blogging the WikiLeaks feature, which I just launched (for a sixth day), and will update when I return.  Also, here is yesterday’s lengthy installment. 

A sample from my Friday morning Wiki-blog: Jeffrey T. Kuhner in Wash TImes op-ed  (he’s a regular columnist)  under headline "Assassinate Assange" writes: "Julian Assange poses a clear and present danger to American national security. The WikiLeaks founder is more than a reckless provocateur. He is aiding and abetting terrorists in their war against America. The administration must take care of the problem—effectively and permanently…. we should treat Mr. Assange the same way as other high-value terrorist targets: Kill him."   Article comes with Assange WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE poster with blood and bullet holes.  

Paul Krugman: White House displaying "moral collapse—a complete failure of purpose and loss of direction"… Ezra Klein:  It’s hard to overstate how badly the Dems—particularly the White House—have blown the tax debate… Here is latest and how aid to jobless figures (or does not).  

Op-ed writer for the Guardian helpfully puts two top issues together in one, under heading: "Bradley Manning is not an argument for DADT: "Repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ must not be stalled because the alleged source of the WikiLeaks US embassy cables is gay."  

CNN asks Palin a question at book-signing in Iowa, then is told to leave room. 

MoveOn.org video commercial begs Obama to stand strong vs. GOP on tax cuts.

Maybe America needs Julian Assange to leak details on backroom deals and corruption that might have killed our chances to host World Cup.

Last night I reached a milestone, and my 10,000th follower on Twitter turned out to be the @HookerNews.


The Daily Show nails John McCain again on DADT, amid "Gaypocalypse Now."

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Gaypocalypse Now
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Tom Morello is one of co-hosts of annual Nation Institute bash next Monday, and here he is with Billy Bragg doing "This Land Is Your Land."


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