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Do tell:  Federal judge declares military’s ban on openly gay service members unconstitutional.

NYT hosts good debate on Koran burning episode and "When a fringe figure becomes news" with Geneva Overholser, Clay Shirky, Alan Wolfe, and Rick Perlstein, who says:  "The problem is that elite media gatekeepers have abandoned their moral mandate to stigmatize uncivil discourse. Instead, too many outlets reward it. " 

More on all this from Brian Stelter.  He notes that Chris Cuomo, an ABC News anchor, wrote Thursday  on Twitter, “I am in the media, but think media gave life to this Florida burning … and that was reckless.” ….Balloon Boy, the Sequel?   Howie Kurtz:  How the jerk pastor jerked the media’s chain , again…..  Our pal Lizz Winstead, Daily Show co-founder, tweets:  "The leader of 50 racist shitheads got more press than all the anti war protests in 2003." … NPR’s David Folkenflik comments. 

Earlier,   NBC had said it  will film Koran burning — then decide what to show.  AP will not transmit any images.  Fox will also pass–perhaps the reason pastor backed down, for awhile, to start with.

Chris Hedges: How one father acted (extremely)  after his 20-year-old son came home from war — in a casket. 

Ted Koppel op-ed: How our post-9/11 policies have helped al-Qaeda. 

NEW WIKILEAKS  WikiLeaks to publish massive cache of new docs from Iraq War:  Newsweek: Could be bigger than the document dump on Afghan, and once again they are working with news orgs.  Wonder if Pentagon chief Gates will now tell pastor to burn WikiLeaks docs instead of Koran? 

PUNDIT WATCH   Another inspired Daily Show segment on response to Obama’s they-treat-me-like-a-dog speech this week, with more proof that MSNBC is not quite like Fox.  

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BETTER SHRED THAN READ   Pentagon to buy up all 10,000 copies of an Afghan war memoir it says reveals secrets. 

ALT-AFGHAN  Dan Froomkin summarizes response to the ad hoc Afghanistan Study Group which is proposing alternatives to current war policy and gaining progressive attention.

CUT THE CRAP   Ace blogger Digby points out that polls show the public favors doing away with tax cuts for super rich, so why are Dems seemingly about to lose this advantage–and a teachable moment? 

 TRAGIC NOLA STORY    Harry Connick Jr. responds to Pro Publica story on defective drywall in Habitat for Humanity houses in NOLA.  He accepts critique, so good for him. 

BOOZE FOR THIS  Maddow segment last night  on that Beck-Palin money grab on 9/11 revealed there’s even a "wet" section in hall for people who want to booze it up.

 WHETHER REPORT   Democratic candidate for the Senate now running third, so Florida downgraded to a tropical depression. 

BITS & PIECES    NYT not really thrilled with new Sean Wilentz book on Dylan… .Westboro Baptist Church says it will burn Quran and ‘doomed-American flag’ on 9/11.Haunting Wash Post piece on that suicide by an editor at Virginia Quarterly Review…. Al Jazeera near a deal to air in major U.S. markets — over Pacifica Radio network… Dave Weigel hails Will Bunch’s book "Backlash" at Slate.


GOP candidate with wildest campaign speech yet.  Re-defines over-the-top. 



For 9/11– and because this version is at the Beck-soiled Lincoln Memorial — here’s Bruce doing "The Rising" at the pre-Inaugural concert.