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New from Pew: Would you (as a Democrat) like other Democrats to challenge Obama for the nomination in 2012? Yes 34 percent ,  No 62 percent….  Ari Melber’s new column at  Politico on Blue Dogs vs. Bold Progressives (w/ new data).

British Tory politician arrested for joking on Twitter this week that he wants a Muslim columnist "stoned to death."

Apparently Jon Stewart was ill but still sat for the lengthy Maddow interview yesterday. Some viewers felt it turned into the Daily Slow with Jon, obviously sick, losing coherence at times when pressed on why the left should partly disarm in facing aggressive right,  should not claim Bush "is a war criminal" and such. Rachel’s blog has all kinds of stuff, uncut video, her reactions. Here’s part:

My new piece on shocking tragedy of soldier and veterans suicides, with links. Catch re-run of HBO’s "War Torn" if you can.

Great 30 Rock last night with Mad Men‘s John Slattery as a parody of a Tea Party candidate. His TV commercials wacky, yet true to life.

Julian Assange leading Time‘s online reader poll for annual Person of the Year. Stewart & Colbert next…. Stewart last night on the Bush book…. Newsweek – Daily Beast merger happens, Tina Brown to run. Call it NewsBeast? BeastWeek

Krugman on the "hijacked" deficit commission that Obama now has to deal with…. David Brooks, like Tom Friedman, raises notion of "third party" (and just as likely). 

BAD ERROR  NYT corrects botched main claim in story on The Nation—advertising only down 5 percent, not 30 percent. 

WILD WEST SHOOTOUT  That wacky, and dangerous, "ballots or bullets" radio host won’t be joining newly elected Rep. West’s staff after all. Must be somethin’ she said.

BIBI,  LET ME FOLLOW YOU DOWN  Progress possibly (maybe) being made in talks between Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton. But mainly just a reading of tea leaves.

OUT  AT HOME  Matt Taibbi on foreclosures: "In America, it’s far more shameful to owe money than to steal it." 

THROW THE BUMS OUT  Next time you hear or read a pundit gushing about the "anti-incumbent" roar this year consider this: 86 percent got re-elected.

TORTURE TAPE  The Guardian releases British torture tape from Iraq, no coverage here—amid suppression of our tapes.

NAKED LUNCH Media Matters CEO David Brock just won auction to have lunch with… Rupert Murdoch.  And money goes to charity.

MY DONATION TO KEITH  If you (somehow) missed me on Countdown Tuesday night, talking about Keith’s donations and what other newspeople/pundits should do, you still watch here.

BITS & PIECES   Buzz ramps up that Jim Webb will not run again for VA-Sen… . It looks to some for certain now that White House will accept continuation of Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest. Though Axelord with firm denial. ….Reuters’ chief hails two staffers killed in famous WikiLeaks video but advises maybe journos today focused on gettting big stories need to take a pass more often….  Figure George Soros must have been behind Giants winning World Series. How else to explain it?…Time for Bush’s book to be moved to True Crime or Fantasy sections of bookstores? Or maybe Horror.


Sick of some of your obnoxious Facebook friends and frustrated that you can’t shed them?  The rock group War has helpfully re-recorded their classic hit with anew title, "Why Can’t We Un-Friend?" 




Concluding our week of anti-Bush songs to mark the publication of his memoir, here’s The Boss doing "Last to Die" in 2007.

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