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Amazing from AP: Nieman Fellow heading for Harvard from Colombia denied entry to USA via Patriot Act — had spoken out against human rights offenses by our top ally in the region.

Stephen Colbert agrees to try his hand at farmwork in continuing spoof of people who claim immigrants are lazy.

See my new pieces on reaction to CNN’s controversial firing of Octavia Nasr over a tweet —  and on Andrew Bacevich and his turn against Afghan war here.  


Front-page of Cleveland Plain Dealer: Photo of Lebron’s back and one word: "Gone."  Late last night, an amazing letter from Cavs owner (typed in Comic Sans, no less)  slams LeBron, promises they will win title before he does with Miami, and gets personal…. Harry Shearer tweets: "I’m burning my Jim Gray jersey. As for me:  After the Lebron James affair, I expect the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to announce it is moving to Miami–and will induct KC and Sunshine Band.

Jury in Oakland finds officer guilty of involuntary manslaughter in slaying of Oscar Grant, in case that inflamed city — faces only a few years in prison, so some unhappy with verdict and some violence in city ensues.

Jon Stewart in offhand reference to "sexist" charges being levelled at show, says little has changed at Daily Show in 11 years, "still no rest rooms for women."  Plus: fun segment on Arizona targeting illegals without, you know, racial profiling, titled "Latino 911."

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Anti-gay marriage law,  DOMA — Defense of Marriage Act — ruled unconstitutional by federal judge…. AP: Today Show to now allow entries from gays and lesbians in wedding contest.

That faux Twitter account BPGlobalPR advises: "If you fall off your horse, get back on. If your horse explodes and leaks oil everywhere, try to sell that oil."

YEAH, UNFORTUNATELY: Rahm Emanuel tells big business–you guys should actually be thanking us, not ripping us.

WINNER OF MEDIA FIX CONTEST ANNOUNCED Thanks for the many entries last week in our contest to name the source of the letters in our our Media Fix logo.  Quite a few people got nearly all of them right and a few even got all of them–after two or more attempts!  The first person to get them all, on a first try, was: Kathy Herman.  A prize will be heading her way soon.  Now the correct answers: M=from NYT  E=You Tube  D=Digg  I=from iTunes etc. @=generic   F=Huff Post  I=Twitter  X=Fox News.

WEB FAIL? David Brooks in new column on Nick Carr book hits Internet for not helping people become "cultivated."  Informed yes, hip, okay, but not cultivated–you know, the way books do it.

MONEY TO GET SETTLED Wide-ranging NYT debate following that scoop on U.S. donors funding Israeli settlements (and tax deductible).

BOEHNER’s REVENGE Tax on tanning salons is allegedly "racist."  

COULTER BUYS STEELE Well, she’s partly right, anyway: Ann Coulter declares Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney should resign for calling for Michael Steele to quit over his somewhat anti-war statement.   She even admits that GOP should not be for ALL wars, as has seemed the case. 

BITS & PIECES  Income gap between rich and poor in USA  highest in decades…  Pentagon allows banned reporter to return to Guantanamo…. MediaNews staffer, and recent war vet,  buys gun, eats burger, kills wife, sets house on fire…. NYT:  Biggest defaulters on mortgages are the rich…. New pressure to cut Pentagon spending.  Don’t hold your breath. 


Well this is not the usual ha-ha but a dark classic from the fertile mind of Harry Shearer, exploring some Catholic priests’ penchant for working with "Deaf Boys.



After last night’s Lebron James decision, it could only be The Band’s "Look Out, Cleveland."  Although could have chosen Randy Newman’s "Burn On (Big River, Burn On."