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MIchael Hastings, author of that Rolling Stone piece, claims via Huff Post that most soldiers he’s heard from are glad McChrystal canned, he put too many lives at risk, and so on. … The great Andrew Bacevich on PBS’s Need to Know tonight talking about this subject, his new book and our current wayward wars.

Great piece by former Marine and author at Virginia Quarterly on McChrystal and the media  (until now) failures….  See my new piece here on Petraeus’ link to high-profile suicide by top officer in Iraq — he was even named in suicide note. 

The very valuable Dave Weigel out at Wash Post over caustic private emails leaked from a list-serv.  Ezra Klein, also now at the Post, who started the "JournoList" list-serv, now announces he will shut it down, and talks about Weigel here.   Jeff Goldberg, on the other hand, celebrated Weigel’s passing at his Atlantic blog.  Ben Smith of Politico pinned blame on Wash Post–which should have known Weigel was more liberal than they thought. Sam Stein at Huff Post has the back story.

More on Weigel:  A Twitter storm among politics writers on left akin to Conan O’Brien uproar (Weigel is all over the map politically).  David Corn:  "The guy did apologize for a few angry semi-private emails. Too bad he wasn’t in a sex scandal; then he’d have a CNN or FOX gig."  John Cole:  "Weigel’s mistake was saying nasty things via private email. The route to success at WaPo is cheerleading torture on the opinion page."  Glenn Greenwald: "The WashPost fired Dan Froomkin and Dave Weigel, while hiring torture advocate/low-level propagandist Marc Theissen."   So we can expect a David Brooks defense of Weigel’s "kvetching"  tomorrow (see item below)? 

American Prospect cover story on why the important "local food revolution" is doomed.


BROOKS MISS  Don’t miss: The Economist says war in Afghan "being lost," some bad moves by McChrystal, bleak outlook…. With a week still go, coalition deaths in Afghan hit new monthly high:  80, and counting…. Politico says "House liberals" finally to make push against Obama on the war…. David Brooks defends McChrystal — general was just "kvetching" but that’s all today’s journalists care about.  Not like the good old days when they covered up for generals and politicians…. Great piece in London’s The Independent on how McChrystal’s years in secretive and brutal Black Ops shaped him — and his downfall.

VICTORY AND DEFEAT  Lawmakers finally agree on financial reform bill, a surprise, at 5:39 this morning, vote next week.  WSJ claims tougher provisions than many thought.  Others consider sellout…. Democrats cave on attempt to extend aid to jobless in face of GOP filibuster, moving on now.

WITH RUSSIAN — ON IT   Obama takes Russian chief Medvedev for burger in D.C. and the latter remarks, "It’s not quite healthy but it’s very tasty & you can feel the spirit of America." Obama later jokes that since both me "tweet" the fabled "red phone" no longer needed.

TURNING PALIN Sarah Palin settles ethics complaint, has to return $386,000 from fund.   Meanwhile, new poll explodes frequent media claim that she is popular and a likely  election asset.

FENCING WITH RAND PAUL  Huff Post’s Sam Stein updates Rand Paul’s proposal for an underground, electric fence at the U.S.-Mexico border.

DEADLY LEAK   GOP governors along the Gulf finally getting hit for performance in oil leak crisis…. My new piece on Gulf boat captain, hired by BP, who put a bullet in his head Wednesday….   CJR picks "best" BP propaganda bits, including "ballet at  sea."

MILITIA WATCH   Courtland Milloy:  double-standard in accepting  rise in white militia groups, while obsesses with foreign and domestic terrorists.

THE MEDIA ON THE MASSAGE   If you’re following the Al Gore thing.

EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED  NYT on Oliver Stone’s new movie "South of the Border"  opening today: "provocative" and "valauble" if "naively idealistic." Describing section of Hugo Chavez:  "Mr. Chávez comes across as a rough-hewn but good-hearted man of the people whose bullheaded determination is softened by a sense of humor. At a corn-processing factory, he jokes: ‘This is where we build the Iranian atomic bomb. A corn bomb.’” 


BLOODY AFTERMATH  Peter Pringle, who covered the Bloody Sunday aftermath back in the day, writes here at The Nation that the recent report clearing the victims of any wrongdoing doesn’t go far enough — none of the architects of the deadly 1972 shootings were held to account.

IN IRAQ:  FREEDOM FRIES?  Joe Brinkley in L.A. Times on Iraq reverting to "freedom-less ways."   Opens:   "As American troops withdraw from Iraq this summer, expect the democratic freedoms Iraqis have enjoyed in recent years to recede as well. Already, the Iraqi government is restricting freedom of the press, expression and assembly. It’s toying with Web censorship, torturing political prisoners and killing political opponents."

BITS & PIECES  .Why the Dems have hope for holding on to seats in November (thank you, Rust Belt?) ….   Sydney Schanberg on his new book and the language of war–napalm, for example, is "soft ordnance." …. NYT on famed baseball announcer Vin Scully at 60 — years in the booth, that is.


Stephen Colbert probes Glenn Beck’s alleged special connection to God.

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A true meeting of the giants:  one of the great jazzmen, Sonny Rollins, and perhaps our greatest songwriting poets, Leonard Cohen.   "Who in mortal chains? Who in power? And who shall I say is calling?"