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PBS ombud Michael Getler critiques that fawning series about George Shultz, and PBS,  that I wrote about this week here — and creator smacks me. 

Very troubling: Suicides in U.S. Army hit record high in June–despite all those efforts to curb.  Unfortunate choice of words by spokesman on how to reduce: "There’s no silver bullet." 

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transgendered former brother-in-law is promoting the rights of gay and transgender state workers.

NYT posts upcoming Sunday magazine piece on those two young State Department guys who have really utilized Twitter.

Part II of series: My new piece on 65th anniversary (today) of first nuclear blast: How it led Truman to Hiroshima. 

TPM:  A depressing chart on job growth needs just to return to pre-recessions levels.



We’d just been wondering whatever happened to the great Dana Priest of the Wash Post and now Politico reports she has "a blockbuster coming on the government-wide intelligence community."  Mike Allen reveals: "Her piece was going Sunday but now may run Monday because  Post wants the Web buzz and traffic when more people are online."   The intelligence  community already worried, advises agencies to prepare.

Tim Geithner opposing Eliz Warren for new consumer agency? For shame.  And rumors suggest Pelosi also opposes…..Clive Crook of The Atlantic with review of the just-passed financial reform bill, pros and cons — and it’s just a step down the road, not the endpoint … Paul Krugman on top GOPers finally admitting they don’t care about the deficit — because they want those tax cuts more.

Too Gross?  Mississippi Public Broadcasting says "Fresh Air" dropped because of interviews of explicit sexual nature. 

Photos of rock stars, then and now.   Vote below in Comments for who has aged best and worst.  (In picture at left that’s me with The Boss, circa 1974.) Some fine candidates! 

Pro Publica with full reports on indictments in post-Katrina shootings in NOLA. 

Andy Borowitz:  Apple declares iPhone works perfectly–except for phone.

FOOD STUFF   If you’re interested in issue, don’t miss White House semi-official blog on the First Lady’s food initiatives, and others, with wonderful name,  "Obama Foodorama."

POLLS APART:   Always fun:  TIme‘s survey has Obama beating Palin by 21%, while PPP has them tied.  Please, someone, hire Paul the Octopus….  TPM asks: Is Sen. Scott Brown good or bad for Dems? ..   "Classic" Peggy Noonan column on "Youth Has Outlived Its Usefulness" — naturally a hit on Obama and others needing "adult supervision."  Read opening here.

GLOBAL  WARNING  Is Fox still talking about winter snow storms? The federal climate service confirms that the first half of 2010 was the warmest on record. January to June temps averaged 57.5 degrees F, "1.22 degrees F above the 20th Century average."

FOREVER WAR:  McClatchy: Taliban attacks recently (with many Americans killed) show growing "sophistication."

PAGING MICKEY ROURKE   Finally, serious questions raised about wrestling empire run by GOP candidate for Senate in CT, Linda McMahon.  NYT:  "Over the past quarter century, Vince and Linda E. McMahon have built the W.W.E. from a small regional operation into a $1.2 billion empire operating in 145 countries. But along the way, the McMahons have become known for hard-nosed tactics and have been accused of putting profits ahead of the well-being of the wrestlers who attract millions of fans with their daredevil stunts and cartoonishly sculpted physiques."

BYTES & PIECES:  David Brooks on Mel Gibson and the New Narcissism…. Will Bunch feature on still-at-large ’70s radical fugitive (the last man standing)  Leo Burt…. From The SImpsons’ hometown:  Springfield paper offers free — and profanity-laced —  Rod Blagojevich ringtones. … Vatican declares that ordaining women as grave an offense as pedophilia….

TELL ME WEIGEL  Dave Weigel tweets:  "Politico mocks ‘liberal blogs’ for covering WeigelGate. Politico ran 7 articles about Weigelgate."  

HUFF & PUFF?  Seattle Times casts doubt on Huffington Post Investigative Fund piece written by ex-Times reporter on Rep. Norm Dicks. 


Steve Carell and Paul Rudd parody Lebron’s basketball "Decision."  Steve explains why he is "taking my appetites to…. Outback Steakhouse."   It’s "an awful lot to digest," but  "they have the blooming onions."    



On 65th anniversary of the birth of the atomic age via the Trinity test, here’s Pete Seeger’s classic "Old Man Atom"– with his warning that  "all men may be cremated equal."