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–Pro Publica’s daily picks of the best of "accountability journalism."  

–Our own Ari Melber on why Dems might be better off if Harry Reid loses his Nevada race.

–Ezra Klein, who works at both Wash Post and Newsweek (ouch), with incisive new post on the future role of newsweeklies, if they have one.

–My post right here on Wash Post blog downplaying results of its own poll showing 1 in 3 GOPers, and 31% of tea party backers, are "Birthers."

–David Sirota:  Don Draper, Mad Men and the Tea Party.

–Democracy Now:  Gov’t exempted BP from environmetnal review.

–More from Jon Stewart last night:  What if, next time we’re attacked by terrorist, it’s not a "Home Alone" type bungler?

–Scott Horton of Harper’s on that move against four reporters and "censorship" at Gitmo.

–Bloggers from left to right comment on this morning’s very mixed jobs report.

–Tory chief David Cameron, as expected, offers to make deal with Nick Clegg to un-hang Parliament after election.  Clegg had said he’d deal with him first before Gordon Brown comes, hat in hand.  Wags coin a possible deal with Brown as "BrownLegg" but "CleggEron" more likely.


—Somehow I live-blogged the Brit elections all day yesterday.  Catch up here. Here’s my morning summary:  "We awake in New York to find all but 28 seats declared and the late night scenario has come to pass:  Tories with edge, LibDems underperforming but still holding balance of power.  Clegg says Tories should have first chance to form government but sources say talks with them have gone nowhere.  Some commentators declare Clegg should not be kingmaker due to disappointing outcome for him.  Much more to come!"  

—See video at bottom for Monty Python’s coverage of a Brit election (SIlly Party vs. Sensible Party), starring the good Palin.

—MoveOn ad on oil companies and Supreme Court rejected by NYT reportedly accepted by Wash Post for next week.  See it here.  FireDogLake with tough new 30-second ad vs. Obama on oil drilling.

—New poll with more amazing numbers on Birthers seems to disturb even Chris Cillizza of Wash Post.  Remember when earlier polls that found same, sponsored by liberals, were mocked by the right as inaccurate?  Another Wash Post blog still downplays it.

Politico has handy day-after collection of links to MSM reporting (and hysteria) over yesterday’s stock market dive.

—Jon Stewart had some fun with the Arizona immigration law uproar, sending Jason Jones to interview  young and very white Cinco de Mayo revelers in NYC and asking for their papers (as mariachi players kept playing).   Colbert had some fun with Andrew Sullivan re: Brit election, claiming they are both "Tory adores."  Rest assured, they had some fun with the idea of a "hung Parliament."


—Great widget with constant updates of guess at how much oil has leaked into the Gulf, courtesy of PBS NewsHour site.

—McClatchy:  Yes, the Gulf oil spill is spreading—into U.S. politics in an a election year. Outlook here. WSJ visits Alaska for grim assessment of the long road back from Exxon Valdez and lessons for today.


Review of Alex Gibney’s much-anticipated and very welcome doc on Jack Abramoff.  "Mr. Abramoff may be in prison, but there are no signs that his kind of high-powered lobbying, which one talking head describes as ‘legalized bribery,’ is a thing of the past."

—If you missed "Sergio" on HBO last night,  you’ll have plenty of re-play chances.  Why you should look for it.


—Military bans 4 journalists from covering Gitmo, including longtimer Carol Rosenberg of McClatchy—for reporting name of a witness whose name was being protected.  ACLU condemns.


—Mike Allen at Politico this morning leads with word that Obama’s SCOTUS pick likely on Monday—and almost certainly to be Kagan (according to his White House sources). 

—TPM analyzes Dem chances in Rep. Obey’s suddenly open district.  Conclusion: "toss up."

—Seemed like big win for our favorite socialist, Bernie Sanders, with Senate poised to approve audit of Fed’s response to financial crisis.  But now delayed.

—Interesting back and forth, as Wash Post writer charges Politico reporter tried to  out his unnamed sources on a recent piece.

—Nearly everyone hits Sen. Lieberman for proposal to strip U.S. citizenship from anyone accused ot terrorism. Constitutional—not so much.


—On Twitter last night, Walter Kirn (who rarely tweets) expressed shock that Times Sq bomber had copy of movie based on his book Up in Air in his apartment—apparently using it to study how to get through airport security quickly?  Made him recall Mark David Chapman and Catcher in the Rye.  Huh?


—Tough column in Haaretz by Gideon Levy on Elie Wiesel’s meeting with Obama this week to plead case for Israel: "with friends like that, Israel doesn’t need enemies."  Referring to Wiesel.