Joe Scarborough takes a turn as guest while editor and publisher of
The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel, serves as the host for a change.
Although Scarborough isn’t entirely comfortable with the arrangement–“God, now
I know how people feel when I interview them,” he interjects–it
nevertheless leads to a spirited and informative discussion on the role
of Conservatism in America.

Surprisingly enough, the conversation starts and ends in agreement.
Vanden Heuvel points out the inability of Scarborough’s “male, stale and
pale” GOP to address the crises facing America and Scarborough, like too
many wistful Republicans, hearkens back to the ideology of
Reaganism/Thatcherism for
answers. They proceed to disagree over Reagan’s legacy and the promise
of an industrial
and final agree on the need for a “green program,
ala Teddy Roosevelt.” “We can agree on that” Scarborough responds,
“because you know why? Conservatives conserve.”

I never thought I’d write this: I wish more Republicans were taking a
page from Joe Scarborough

Corbin Hiar

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