You may not believe your eyes (or, given the atmosphere today, maybe you will), but check out one of the creepiest commercials ever, the first in a promised series by a major anti-Obamacare group. It features a young woman who has just signed up for Obamacare coverage spreading her naked legs in the doctor’s office for an OB-GYN exam—and a leering Uncle Sam doctor pops up between them.

The overall theme is “Opt Out” and it’s aimed at college students (and naturally, funded by groups with ties to the Kochs) and you can see full background here. It aims to spend $750,000 and get young folks to “burn your Obamacare card.”  

What a switcheroo.  It's normally the Republican officials at the state level who aim to "play doctor" concerning women. 

UPDATE:  I was just sent Planned Parenthood's response:

Statement of Eric Ferrero, VP for Communications, Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

“It is hard to tell if this is real or if it’s a ‘Saturday Night Live’ parody about the hypocrisy of extremists who want to be in every exam room in America but don’t want to expand access to quality health care. These are the same extreme Koch-funded political groups who have tried to pass transvaginal ultrasound laws and other laws allowing politicians to interfere with people’s personal medical decisions.  These videos are the height of hypocrisy, but more importantly they are irresponsible and dangerous, designed to spread misinformation and discourage people from getting access to high quality, affordable health care.”

More background from Yahoo article:

The health exchanges rely heavily on young, healthy Americans who will subsidize the sick and elderly within the pools. Without the healthy, the exchanges could be unsustainable. The Obama administration is devoting millions of public dollars to promote the exchanges, but many conservative groups are actively working to convince people not to join.

That’s where Creepy Uncle Sam comes in.