This week, two bombs were found in packages in cargo holds on two planes bound from Yemen to the US. Is Yemen destined to become a new front in the "war on terror"? According to The Nation‘s Jeremy Scahill, though "there are guys in the special forces community that have been pushing and agitating for years for a greater US military presence there," US clandestine military actions have long extended into Yemen and other countries: "in reality though, the US has already been striking in Yemen for a couple of years. They’ve hit the country a number of times with Tomahawk cruise missile strikes and teams from the Joint Special Operations Command have been engaged in what are called kinetic operations on the ground where they’re actually hunting down and killing individuals." Scahill joins Laura Flanders to explain how these operations have gone under the American public’s radar, and why all the US’s wars have been conspicuously absent from this year’s election campaigns.

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