A powerful, moving commercial boosting the escalating campaign to force a Washington pro football team name change—rejected for the Super Bowl on TV earlier this year—aired last night in our seven largest cities during half-time coverage of game three of the NBA finals.

And that’s great. My only disappointment was that my Cherokee hero, Will Rogers, one of the greatest Americans ever, got cut out of the final version. He appears in the original two-minute version—which was cut to a minute for the current spot. You can watch both of them below.

I’d propose changing the DC team’s name to the Washington Rogers. This would pay tribute not only to a great Native American but also Will Rogers’s brilliant and biting commentary (still funny and relevant today) on the shenanigans on Capitol Hill and in the White House. And here’s a bit of his reflections on his (and our) heritage.

I love being down here in pilgrim country. I bet you when the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and they had the whole of the American continent to themselves, and all they had to do to get another 160 acres was to kill another Indian, you know, well, I bet they kicked at the cost of ammunition. Now, I hope my Cherokee blood is not making me prejudiced, but it was only the generosity of the Indians that allowed the pilgrims to land in the first place. Suppose it was the other way around.

Yeah, my ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower. They met the boat.