Many very serious and significant words have been written and spoken about the two monumental rulings on gay marriage this week by the US Supreme Court. Many more to come.

But for now, let’s celebrate with a fun parody video from Funny or Die (below), taking off from the new Brad Pitt movie–yes, Rick Santorum does helm a new movie studio–and the classic cover (left) of next week’s New Yorker.  And maybe on the next New Yorker cover, we’ll learn that Wile E. Coyote was just gay for the Roadrunner. 

Then there’s this image, from Salon.  And The Onion reports that Scalia, Alito, Roberts and Thomas were bummed when they realized they will be villains in Oscar-winning movie some day. 

BTW, it seems the New Yorker cover's main image was actually completed last year.




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