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The upcoming Hollywood version of the CIA leak case, based on memoirs by Valerie Plame and husband Joseph Wilson, was screened at the Cannes film festival, which has just opened, as the only American film in competition. We previewed Fair Game last week, based on "leaks" from director Doug Liman.  The first clip from the film (see below) has been released.

It finds the couple–Naomi Watts and Sean Penn–in a playground with their kids running about, as Penn angrily confronts his wife over what he has just learned: that she may have written something that got him "sent" to Africa on that famous uranium fact-seeking mission related to Iraq WMD.

In the scene, she denies that she did that as he claims that if this gets out his career is ruined, and asks her to speak out. She suggests that maybe he did not think of his family first when he wrote that New York Times op-ed that drew so much attention (from Dick Cheney, of course). Anyway, the clip is all Penn and Watts (who co-starred last in 21 Grams), but the rest of the movie is reportedly much more dynamic, with intrigue, a trip to Iraq, and Cheney resembling the shark from Jaws--evil but underwater, as Liman put it.