In the endless debate over abortion, we can forget the concrete reality in which pregnant girls and women so often live. Feminists for Life and other anti-choice groups make it sound as if an unwanted pregnancy is just one of life’s little challenges –some baby clothes, some food stamps, some campus housing for college-going moms and tots, and everything will be fine. It’s usually not so simple. The appeal below popped up in my inbox this morning. It’s from the DC Abortion fund, which raises money for low-income women’s abortions.

“Nickie” needs a lot of things — beginning with a family free from domestic violence — but one thing she doesn’t need, or want, is a baby. Her pregnancy places her at risk in all kinds of ways.Can you help her? Even five dollars, added to the donations of others, would make a difference.

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Emergency Case – DC Abortion FundDecember 2, 2008DCAF Needs Your Help!LOCAL TEEN NEEDS EMERGENCY FUNDS TODAYDear Katha,

I am writing to you today because a DCAF case manager has been working with a young woman who desperately needs your help. Nickie* is 17 years old and attends a special needs charter school because of severe behavioral and emotional instability. Nickie was referred to DCAF by a counselor because of concerns that she may harm herself trying to self-abort. Several adults in Nickie’s life, including her principal and doctor, believe it is in Nickie’s best interest that her family not discover her pregnancy due to domestic violence in her household. They also firmly believe that her abortion is a medical necessity due to the emotional and behavioral challenges Nickie faces every day. Her mother has also threatened to kick Nickie out if she were to become pregnant.

She will be 25 weeks pregnant on Thursday, the absolute gestational limit, and her surgery costs $3,600. Nickie has raised $250 from friends and a part-time job but is looking to DCAF and her community for support. Because Nickie cannot ask her family for financial help, it has been extremely difficult for her to fundraise for her procedure.Please help 17 year-old Nickie today with as generous a contribution as you can make! Thursday is her last chance to have an abortion, so please make a contribution immediately!

We need to raise $3,350 by this Thursday, December 4, 8:00 AM. Please consider making as generous a donation as you can.

Thank you!!!

Tiffany ReedPresidentDC Abortion Fund

* Name changed for privacy

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