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2:40 THEIR BANE IS TRUE Dave Weigel on the NYT profile of the “Bain-bashing” PAC, Priorities USA (we have posted a couple of their ads) and how their work has a lot of “octane” and with much more to come. Twist: folks who made a pot of dough in the private sector now donating to rip it.

2:30 WTF STREET JOURNAL Alex Pareene with more on the somewhat surprising attacks on Romney campaign by the WSJ editorial page. “The conservative press is much better at bullying its candidates into adopting particular strategies and policies than the liberal press, which has approximately zero power over candidates and elected officials.”

12:50 KROHN ATTACK Amazing slide show at TPM starring that former GOP teen hero, Jonathan Krohn (now an Obama supporter) posing with various rightwing icons. Photo at left: with the three Mouseketeers, Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keeffe, Karl Rove. We also see him, Zelig-like, with Romney, Rudy G, Bachmann, Rubio, Gingrich, Bill O’Reilly, Malkin, Lee Greenwood, Joe the Plumber, and on and on.

12:30 AFTERNOON DELIGHTS Ari Melber: Average net worth of a US Senator: $13.2 million—average of all Americans: $77,000… Joe the Plumber pipes up: Obama should be “embarrassed” to visit Ohio. Remember, he is GOP nominee for Congress…

12:10 pm ROBERTS RULE? RNC says Obama crackdown on China merely an election year stunt… Now Romney of all people claims that Roberts’s vote on healthcare was “political”—as if that wasn’t true with most of the other rulings by the conservative bloc (or block) in recent years. Wow, a “decision was made not based upon constitutional foundation.” Surely, a first! …Buzzfeed on Romney claiming to have spent the fourth in “coolest” town in USA that is actually a “kitschy” resort…

11:05 am LIFE OF BRYAN Here’s the second in my series of audio of famous speeches by speakers whose voices you have perhaps never heard. The first was Teddy Roosevelt during his “Bull Moose” 1912 campaign. Now here’s background and excerpt from William Jenning Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech. Yes, he does sound like Fredric March in Inherit the Wind.

10:10 COMING UP SHORT Romney’s potential Veep list may be down to four candidates. Now, pause a minute and guess… and then read on. For those who can’t wait or guessed, here they are on the short list: Pawlenty, Ryan, Portman, Jindal (the latter—really? or should I say, all of them—really?). Although here’s a claim that they are actually considering a woman. Palin: The Sequel would be nice. Janine Turner?

ONE OF THESE FRIGHTS Amazingly, given the widespread condemnation, Representative Joe Walsh continues to minimize opponent Tammy Duckworth’s military service (when she lost two limbs).

JOURNAL ISN’T Josh Marshall, the TPM founder, on the surprise of the Wall Street Journal acting exasperated and calling Romney campaign “second rate” and more, such as: “the campaign’s insular staff and strategy that are slowly squandering an historic opportunity”… Meanwhile, TPM’s latest electoral vote projection has Obama about sixty votes ahead, with four states full toss-ups: Iowa, Virginia, Florida, Michigan (the latter—really?).

NEW ROMNEY SLOGAN Humorist Andy Borowitz thinks it’s this: “I created Obamacare and only I can destroy it.”

FLIP FLOPPIN’ AWAY Mitt did cave in to the right yesterday and hastily announce that Obamacare is a “tax” not a penalty after all. So more flip-flopper fuel for the fire. Our own Katrina observes: “Romney now says health mandate is a tax. Making that Etch a Sketch look downright steady, stable and full of integrity”… Also this: Ezra Klein in major Bloomberg piece on the “tax” aspect—and how GOP has backed healthcare related taxes in the past… States bucking Obamacare naturally have highest rates of uninsured.

PUTTING ON YOUR SHORTS That “personhood” measure won’t be on Ohio ballot, after all—failed to get needed signatures… State GOP groups are all over the map re: gay marriage… Actual poll: 67 percent of folks think campaign will be “exhausting,” while 63 percent expect it to be merely “annoying”… Ann Romney says Obama campaign wants to “kill” Mitt Romney… Claim: You may not like Citizens United decision, but SCOTUS got it right.

WHEN HE GOT THE NAME “TRICKY DICK” Brief PBS segment on Richard Nixon’s “Red Scare” campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas, subject of new edition and ebook for my Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady book.