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5:00 NOT EASY BEING GREEN  Big funding push for Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president–site has map on their ballot access, more.

4:45 THE $100 MILLION MAN   CNN confirms Sheldon Adelson plans to spend a cool $100 million this year on campaigns, but spreading it widely–not just to Romney to Karl Rove’s group and the Koch brothers’ activities.   Money and fun for all.  "The requests are coming fast and furious," the source said.  Adelson is the 7th richest man in USA.  (h/t Zoe Schlanger)

4:40 TAMMY A TARGET Americans for Prosperity with giant ad buy to hit Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin Senate race. 

3:35  THE GREAT DIVIDE Poll finds 71% of Republicans calling themselves "consevative"—while only 39% of Dems self-identify as "liberal."

3:15  MITT BIZ PIX BuzzFeed collects eight photos from Romney’s business career. Number four is a classic. (h/t Zoë Schlanger)…  Meanwhile, in a not surprising bit of casting (or typecasting), Obama has reportedly picked Sen. John Kerry to stand in for Romney in the presidential debates. Good fit:  rich, white, tall, thin, from Massachusetts—and barely lifelike.

2:00  FAIR vs. FREE At Truthout, Obama vs Romney in "framing": economic fairness vs. economic freedom.

1:55 GOP NO LATIN LOVERS: Longtime GOP strategist Ed Rollins tells Greg Sargent today: "If we ever lose the Hispanic vote the way we’ve lost the African American vote, there’s no way we’ll win in presidential politics." Hasn’t that horse already left the barn?

12:50 SANTORUM ANOTHER NAME FOR….BLOOD? The show’s creator says the inspiration for a True Blood vampire was Rick Santorum.  Alan Ball: "For me the jumping off point was watching the Republican primaries, watching Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum, and asking what would it be like to have a theocracy in America—which is way more terrifying than any fictional monster could ever be."

11:55 BUS TERMINAL? James Fallows actually went on that Romney bus tour this weekend (for upcoming piece at The Atlantic).  Today he files comments and photos. One thing: "Romney’s trademark small-talk exclamation, "Oh my goodness!" seems completely genuine. But I am trying to think of the last time I heard a 21st-century person use that phrase—as opposed to all the other possibilities, which when you think about it range from coarse to profane. (Jeez Louise, WTF, Holy shit, and on through a long list you can fill in yourself.) When combined with his Don-Draper-in-the-’50s very dapper personal style, it adds to a retro atmosphere that some people will find reassuring and appealing and others will find odd."

11:10 DREAM ON? The annual Take Back the American Dream conference opens today in DC, and Bob Borosage has a piece here: "The progressive task… isn’t only to repel the Republican effort to dismantle the social contract, it is to build an independent movement that can challenge the interests that corrupt both parties, elect progressive champions, and hold politicians accountable. This will take more than one election or one administration. It will take more than simply defeating Romney and taking back the Congress."

10:25 OCCUPY THE ELECTIONS? Chris Hedges, in a new piece, backs the view of early Occupy-er Kevin Zeese in declaring that Occupy Wall Street activists should stay out of this year’s campaigns. Zeese points to the massive energy wasted on the Wisconsin recall when Montreal-style public protest should have continued. Hedges claims Occupy will rebound though not necessarily under the name of Occupy.

10:20 FEEDING FRENZY One GOP candidate in Texas runoff hits the other with a PAC-Man ad:

10:15 MORNING  UPDATES: Apparently no SCOTUS decisions (e.g. health bill) until Thursday… what a shock. Rielle Hunter in new book claims John Edwards had other mistresses…. Is Wisconsin actually ripe for Romney win?… Birther re-takes lead for judge position in San Diego. His name is Gary Kreep… Romney campaigning today with Rep. Paul Ryan…

RICH ADVICE FOR OBAMA  Frank Rich, now at New York magazine, has this advice for Obama: "The president, any president, should go negative early, often, and without apology if the goal is victory… The notion that negative campaigning is some toxic modern aberration in American democracy is bogus. No campaign may ever top the Andrew Jackson-John Quincy Adams race of 1828, in which Jackson was accused of murder, drunkenness, cockfighting, slave-trading, and, most delicious of all, cannibalism… Jackson won nonetheless." (h/t Taegan Goddard)  But the first attack ads on the screen came much later, see here.

NORMAN STORMIN’ BACK? We noted a few days ago that progressive writer Norman Solomon had finished a very (very) close third in his primary for Congress in California (under the new system the two top finishers go on to November)—but with 17,000 ballots not yet counted was holding out for victory. Now he reports that with lots of counting still to go, that gap has already closed by 60%.

REJECTING ROVE Heidi Heitkamp, who is running strong race as a Democrat in North Dakota Senate race, just released anew ad responding to attack from Karl Rove’s Crossroads group, hitting her on "Obamacare." She notes she’s had breast cancer and would never back law that hurts most people.

MORE THAN ONE HOLE Montana GOPers assemble an old-fashioned outhouse, label it "Obama Presidential Library" —and cover it with (pasted on) bullet holes.  And what’s inside? A fake Obama birth certfiicate.

VAGINA DIALOGUES After last week’s flap, Michigan Dems decide to perform famed stage play "The Vagina Monologues" at their Capitol.

FRANK ASSESSMENT Watch Bill Moyers’ latest, "Dark Money in Politics."

GOOD KOS For wonks and wonkettes, a super-extensive Daily Kos rundown of latest polls and results and projections on the race for the White House, Senate, House, statehouses and more…. Maine voters likely to approve gay marriage in November, poll finds. Poll also finds independent Angus King ahead in his Senate race…. Yes, Iowa might be the most swing of swing states, Slate’s John Dickerson observes.

ROMNEY HORSES AROUND Eric Boehlert tweets: "priceless Mittens today: my wife is Olympic athlete! well, actually she and two other people bought a horse that’ll be in the Olympics." Lizz Winstead adds: "If it wasn’t for those greedy teachers unions sucking the life out of the economy, every American would have a horse in the Olympics."

VIVA FRANCE Our Katrina tweets: "Signal that equity & growth, not austerity, is winning message: President’s Socialist Party Wins Clear Majority in France."

MORNING SHORTS Only 141 days until Election Day.  But who’s counting?…. Romney, Boehner, interrupted by protesters at Ohio stop…. Wash Post writer claims progressive candidates taking it on the chin so far in Democratic primaries… Yes, there’s a NYT Campaign 2012 app for iPhones and Android…. Recount in Wisconsin possible in that state senate race that gave Dems control of body.

OBAMA IN 3D If you missed a “Hologram Obama” from Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time on Friday night— it’s the candidate Mitt Romney and the GOP want voters to think they are running against.

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