By his own singularly woeful standard for political acumen,
President Bush’s Sunday night interview with NBC sportscaster-in-chief
Bob Costas could have been a lot worse. Though he uttered typically
myopic nuggets of optimistic tripe without any trace of irony (“I don’t
see America having problems”), the Olympics may be the one stage of
world affairs where ham-fisted optimism is a forgivable sin. What
emerges more from this compelling video is the “enlightening and substantive” probing of Costas’ questions, his
commitment to a standard of journalistic integrity disturbingly absent
from the work of many of his colleagues on the mainstream media’s
political beat. As Jason Linkins aptly put it in The Huffington Post, Costas
demonstrates “that there’s a world of difference between a reporter with
chops, knowledge, and genuine curiosity and those who work for the empty
calories of a “gotcha” moment”.

Will Di Novi

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