Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, <a
premiered in theaters on Friday to
mixed reviews. Several were offended by the admittedly provocative
antics of Cohen onscreen. But was it offending the wrong people?

Scores of people from the gay community have voiced their distaste for
Cohen’s depiction of homosexuals in the movie, fearing that his behavior
perpetuates common stereotypes and strengthens homophobic tendencies. A
scene where Bruno treats a baby like an accessory has especially angered
some, in a time when the gay community is having difficulty gaining
adoption rights.

Others disagree, saying Brüno’s character is an obvious cartoon version
of the ridiculous stereotypes that have been wrongly placed on

But in the end, Brüno is a comedy, so is it funny? And if so, do we
laugh more from satire or sheer shock value?

Here to discuss these questions and more we have <a
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Edwards, creator
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contributor at FoxTV.