It’s hard to call someone younger than 18 years old a “legend,” but Ava
Lowery is just that in progressive circles. She created a website at
fourteen where she made videos railing against the war in Iraq. Today,
her site,, gets nearly two million hits per month.
And she doesn’t live in a liberal hotbed like San Francisco or New York,
rather in a small town in Alabama. Anthony Romero is the son of Puerto
Rican emigrants and grew up to not only be the first in his family to go
to college, but to become the Executive Director of the American Civil
Liberties Union
–the first Latino and openly gay head of the venerable
organization, and someone we thought Ava should have on her cell phone
speed dial. Just in case. Together they discuss the legal quagmire the
country has sunk into since 9/11, among other quagmires created by
George W. Bush and his Administration.

A kind of “living history” project composed of short videotaped
conversations, This Brave Nation brings together the most intelligent,
passionate and creative voices of one generation with the activists,
journalists and artists of the next to dialogue on loves, lives,
politics and history. Each discussion will be produced as both a
five-minute video and a thirty-minute mini-documentary, which will be
collected in a DVD box set. A new video will be released each Sunday
over the next few weeks leading up to a live event in Los Angeles on
July 13.