You hate to see this happen but perhaps this badly botched state execution in Oklahoma last night will help end the death penalty in the United States. It’s receiving wide coverage from the media. Although I’ve written those words before with only modest changes arriving.

A second execution there, also set for yesterday, thankfully was postponed—but just for two weeks. Probes of the (especially) cruel one that did go down are now underway.

President Obama, as we know, backs capital punishment but the White House today said the latest fell short of being “humane”—as if any state murder is humane.

See the email appeal (below) I just got from the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. I’ve written two books on this, including this recent ebook.    Updates here, including corrections officials calling for truly independent probe of this execution–and a petition drive to get pharmacists to refuse to supply drugs for lethal injections or take part in executions in any other ways. 

Dear supporter,

Yesterday we informed you of two executions taking place last night in Oklahoma. Today I write you in disbelief. Clayton Lockett died after the State of Oklahoma botched his execution. He called out “man,” and writhed and twitched in wrenching agony 20 minutes after the procedure began.

It was too late. Unfortunately when Mr. Lockett cried out, nobody heard his heartfelt plea, and he passed away in this botched execution. Will you join me in making a contribution today to help us prevent such cruelty from ever happening again?

Timing is of the essence, as the scheduled execution of Charles Warner was delayed only 2 weeks.

While the Governor and Department of Corrections investigates the botched execution, we need to put pressure on the legislature that the death penalty has flaws, is barbaric, and has no place in our country. Make a financial contribution today, as we don’t have much time. Mr. Warner’s life is at stake. Please answer his pleas for help now, before it’s too late.

We cannot be silent!

The government of Oklahoma has hidden what drugs they use. They have threatened to impeach 5 state Supreme Court justices who wanted to delay last night’s scheduled double execution. Your support today will help NCADP and our affiliate in Oklahoma defeat a bill that would impeach the 5 justices who have exposed the flaws in administering lethal injection.