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11:35  Vanity Fair about to roll out their big piece on Assange promised on cover line of their still unseen Justin Bieber issue.  Here’s how The Atlantic online just put it:  "Sarah Ellison, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who penned the definitive book on Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of the paper, is responsible for the story on WikiLeaks. It will be ‘the twisted inside story of how Julian Assange spilled the government’s biggest secrets,’  the cover promises." 

11:25  Sady Doyle on Bradley Manning: "Let’s start with the most important thing, something simple: Bradley Manning is accused of trying really, really hard to do the right thing."

11:20  First U.S. diplomatic casualty of cablegate may be our ambassador to Libya — recalled after that "voluptuous nurse" memo.

11:00 New interactive map at El Pais for their burgeoning number of published cables, now over 1000.

3:35  Sorry, folks, you’re on your own, I’m exiting for NYC for a few hours, see you later tonight.

3:30  Bloomberg: FBI steps up probes of Operation Payback ops in U.S. vs. PayPal, Amazon etc.

3:10  Former ambassador Carne Ross tweets:  "One #wikileaks cable released 2day, only 1999 so far – is flow drying up? Guardian told me vast majority of 250k cables unclassfied."

3:00 We’ve covered or linked to cable stories coming out from the Norwegian paper Aftenposten but here is the page they have collecting everything.

2:05  Wild Forbes blog post on Anonymous video seeking support.  Claims they are anti-American — but using good old American approach. "They want everyone to sign on to their cause without doing much, or without knowing any of the details of the actual political agenda. Outrage, and no personal responsibility, seems to be enough. Sad to say, this is a pretty good marker of the current political mentality in much of America, no matter what the political orientation…..They may hurt the state, but they are promoting many of its most important ideals. Maybe the government will thank them, after they lock them up."

1:25  Dan Ellsberg tweets:  Sex charges against Assange are grave, but having heard his account personally, I believe they’re false and slanderous."  Numerous people respond on Twitter: But you’ve only heard one side of the story.

12:30  Judy Miller responds to criticism of her hypocritical ripping of Assange (and her writing for Newsmax). More laughs: "If anybody bothered to read the Iraq war stories they’re now so busy criticizing, they would see that Julian Assange and I were involved in very different kinds of journalism. They are not morally equivalent. While we both sought to publicize official secrets, I and my co-authors spent enormous time trying to verify the secret government reports and other WMD-related stories we published."

12:25 Mother Jones writer points out that articles this week on Bank of America efforts to combat WikiLeaks forgot about its earlier buying up of domain names such as BrianMoynihanSucks etc.

12:05  The valuable WikiRiver site gets a facelift and it’s very nice but I must immodestly point out that I always have nearly everything useful that they have, and you’ll find a couple dozen more items here at my blog every day than over there.

11:35  Glenn Greenwald tweets:  "FT to correct its false WL claim – – after a reader complained: these kinds of reader efforts can work."  Was another case of reporting as fact WikiLeaks publishing 250,000 cables. 

11:30  Toronto Star gets a kick out of Canada getting mentioned in new Wiki cable — in relation to soccer game and corrupt referee…. Eh? 

10:50  Lengthy essay by Marvin Ammori on why U.S. should not prosecute Assange — for sake of U.S. and the press, not Assange.  But: at first, "I thought that if a case could be made against Assange, one should be made."  See why he changed his mind.

9:55 Glenn Greenwald hits NYT’s John Burns over his quotes in that fine New Yorker piece on media hyping fall of Saddam’s statue. 00 and connects to Burns’ writings about Assange.

9:30 Interesting interview with editor of that Norwegian paper, Afternposten, that somehow got the entire cache of Wiki cables and has been posting for past couple weeks. She’s surprised that Assange, the master leaker, is mad at them for getting leak and publishing. But her remarks in print also sparked response from The Guardian on who decides to publish cables.

9:10 Army announces Bradley Manning will be evaluable by panel to decide if he is mentally fit to stand trial.

8:45 Column in The Australian links Obama, Jack Ruby and Assange — the dangers of being hailed as a "messiah." (h/t @Asher_Wolf)

8:25 New from AP: Cable released by WikiLeaks today shows Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "sought some kind of nuclear fuel swap deal more than a year ago, but faced internal pressures from hard-liners who viewed it as a ‘virtual defeat.’ The report, available on the WikiLeaks website Tuesday, also suggested Iran trusted its arch-foe the United States more than ally Russia to follow through with the U.N.-backed proposal: providing reactor-ready fuel in exchange for Iran giving up control of its low-enriched uranium stockpile."

8:20 Newsweek: 3 reasons why journalists aren’t standing up more for First Amendment and WikiLeaks. " In the face of such an assault on press freedom, you might expect the American media to respond assertively. But the pushback has been piecemeal and somewhat muted…. Many in the foreign press have been more assertive in their defense of WikiLeaks."

8:00 New cable report from that Norwegian paper: France, surprisingly, leads European nations in industrial spying on others.

7:50 Frad Branfman at Alternet: The most terrifying WikiLeaks revelation of all is just how much our government has lied to us.

7:40 NYT op-ed hits new Shield Law bill introduced in Congress after latest WikiLeaks. "Although this proposed law may be constitutional as applied to government employees who unlawfully leak such material to people who are unauthorized to receive it, it would plainly violate the First Amendment to punish anyone who might publish or otherwise circulate the information after it has been leaked."

7:30 "X7o" at WL Central rips James Richardson piece in The Guardian today that used the term "Collateral Murder" for possible result of Wiki cablegate on Zimbadwe. Among issues raised is one we noted today: That The Guardian itself seems to have been first to post the fateful cable. Just now the "official" @WikiLeaks twitter feed added: "It is not acceptable the Guardian to blame us for a cable the Guardian selected and published on Dec 8."

7:25 Bradley Manning’s lawyer David Coombs with new blog post on idea of motion to dismiss due to lack of speedy move to trial. "The Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial is applied to military jurisprudence through two separate and distinct provisions….."

From late yesterday

Remarkable charting here of the more than 2000 cables now published, broken down several ways.

Psychologists for Social Responsibility send letter to Robert Gates protesting inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning.

Foreign Policy writer on Issa: Yeah, why haven’t we prosecuted Assange–under non-existent laws? Maybe should call it The Rule of Non-Laws?

A fun Vanity Fair piece provides a Bank of America "checklist" for WikiLeaks assault.