As I’ve done for the previous  two weeks,  god help me, I will be updating news & views on all things WikiLeaks all weekend.  All times added at top are ET.  For ore follow me at Twitter.  Read about my latest book here.

10:15  Assange’s mum in Australia passes along fresh quotes from prison on Monday, keep fighting he says, hits PayPal, Amazon, MasterCard.

7:30  Don Guttenplan at The Nation, who wrote a recent biography of the man, now weighs in with : What would I.F. Stone has thought of WikiLeaks? "I.F. Stone would have loved WikiLeaks. This is, after all, the man who wrote: ‘Nothing makes life more interesting than outwitting censorship.’"

6:00 New from The Guardian:  Assange may win bail ruling tomorrow–but could remain held on appeal or via move by Swedes.   But a baroness has come to his side.

5:55 Mike Calderone at Yahoo! with typically valuable and well-reported piece on new orgs and the Espionage Act — are they in danger and if not, why not?  With latest developments and commenary.

4:10  Assange easily wins TIME’s reader poll for person of the year.  Lady Gaga third, then Stewart and Colbert and Beck and so on.  The mag’s actual pick coming Wednesday early.

3:40  Jeff Stein at Wash Post notes Assange picking up "influential" legal backers in Jack Goldsmith and Stephen Walt.

3:30  Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic:  The Unknown Blogger Who Changed WikiLeaks Coverage.  Hint: He focused on Assange’s past.

2:05 Lot of online backlash to Columbia J-School dean (and noted New Yorker, and elsewhere, writer) Nicholas Lemann comments in David Carr’s NYT piece today.   Jay Rosen, Jeff Jarvis and others have slammed him.   Lemann said:  "People from the digital world are always saying we don’t need journalists at all….." 

2:00  Glenn Greenwald of Salon quits board of civil liberties group CREW over its chief counsel hitting WikiLeaks in a Huff Post posting.

1:00 American University in D.C. with a forum on Jan. 11  on Wikileaks & the Espionage Act 

12:50  Dan Gillmor at Salon:  Journalists stand up for WikiLeaks!  But they’re in Australia, not USA.

11:35  Interview with NYT‘s Scott Shane on his role in covering, and sort of working with, WikiLeaks.

11:30  PEN International’s statement on WikiLeaks, includes one error on "editing." 

11:25  Bad news for the WikiLeaks-obsessed (You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to ME?):  The Guardian‘s great blog devoted to this apparently cut back to one shift from two a day.   NYT‘s "The Lede" blog now doing nothing.  

11:10  Current tally:  1344 cables out of  251,287 released.    Still gold in them thar hills, or only fool’s gold?

11:05  Just a conspiracy theory?  Here’s detailed claim that Assange cut deal with Israel to cut its losses in cables in exchange for donations etc.   Yes, fully "circumstantial."

10:45  AP reports today UK government warned that pro-Wikileaks hacktavists may target them next.    Tied to his extradition hearing tomorrow.

10:15  John Vinocur with NYT piece from Paris on how the cables actually help view from abroad of USA.   Meanwhile, the Times‘ publishing few cables in past days. 

10:00  Cover of The Spectator as published in Assange homeland of Australia seems to show some national pride.  (h/t The Guardian’s excellent Wiki blog)

9:45   Lengthy post at FireDogLake: U.S. Determination to Indict Assange Meant to Scare Press away from Future Leaks.   Plus "12 Theses on WikiLeaks" — from Le Monde, of course.

9:40   If you missed yesterday, and now: WikiLeaks–The Game. Here’s two you can play online.

9:35  From Mother Jones "Wikileaks, Rendition, and the CIA’s Italian Job"  

9:30  Next Assange apperance in court: tomorrow.   The Independent profiles his new attorney in extradition fight.

9:20  CNN catches up to story I had yesterday, though still unconfirmed, re: Assange lawyer claiming grand jury meeting in Alexandria VA in attempt to haul in his client (his current home, left).

8:50  Good Guardian probe of Anonymous and wider group of hacktivists.  Meanwhile, Amazon denies its outages in Europe yesterday were caused by hackers, just a technical glitch, they say.

8:30  Well, it sounded plausible (which is scary enough): An MP back in Assange’s Australia tweets about torturing him:  "Mr Assange should be aggressively interrogated until he reveals the location of the stolen cables, so they can be retrieved."  Later admits: "I accept that the stolen cables may be in "electronic" form and therefore not physical, retrievable objects. However, it’s the principle."  But turns out it is a fake account.  

8:10    New at NYT:  How a Canadian company got targeted by WikiLeaks fans — by accident.  Ouch.

8:00  WSJ:  Still confusion over the origin of those fake WikiLeaks covered by media in Pakistan.

7:50  David Carr’s NYT column Has WikiLeaks changed journalism? Or more like journalism changing WikiLeaks? 

7:40  Some of Australia’s top media figures, including owners, now throw support behind homeland lad’s WikiLeaks.

7:35  The Guardian WikiLeaks blog notes: "Greg Mitchell for the Nation has spent the last 14 days live blogging WikiLeaks. He’s taking a well-earned nap now but his weekend edition is the place to go to catch up on events in the last 48 hours.  Hats off to Greg for picking out these various weekend highlights."

7:30  Bloomberg report: Amazon denies Hack Attack caused brief shutdown of European sites. 

From last night:

Vatican responds to damaging cables carried by The Guardian. Calls them "unreliable" of course…..Words I thought I’d never write: CNN covers Donald Rumsfeld hitting WikiLeaks–on Facebook.  Well, he does have a book coming out.   ….  We earlier mentioned the Sir David Frost TV segment on WikiLeaks,  now here’s the full 13-minute video….

CNN:  Rival OpenLeaks still set to launch tomorrow…..Australia’s foreign minister promises to intervene to help Assange — get laptop in prison Assange attorney Mark Stephens says U.S. itchy to get hands on Assange and claims a grand jury has been secretly empaneled in Alexandria, VA for just that purpose.