As I’ve done for the previous  12 days, god help me, I will be updating news & views on all things WikiLeaks all day.  All times added at top are ET.  For more follow me at Twitter.  Read about my latest book here.

UPDATE Here’s my weekend edition.

10:15 Jessica Valenti in Wash Post on the dismissive coverage of the Assange sex charges—and what it reveals about US rape attitudes as well.

6:30  WikiLeaks should send its 249,000 unpublished cables to Bernie Sanders for him to read during his epic filibuster, he could vet them as he goes along. Bernie now trending #1 and #2 at Twitter.

6:15  McClatchy’s Nancy Youssef: Tying Assange to Manning won’t be easy.

5:00 NiemanLab with good end-of-week summary of the WIki and journo issues raised in past days, with dozens of key links.

4:25 Stephen Walt at Foreign Policy: Hey, why not arrest Bob Woodward, then? “I keep seeing the double-standards multiplying. Given how frequently government officials leak classified information in order to make themselves look good, box in their bureaucratic rivals, or tie the President’s hands, it seems a little disingenuous of them to be so upset by Assange’s activities.”

4:20  Ace blogger Digby hits media attempts to scare-monger WikiLeaks claims to have documents possibly showing corruption at a major bank —painting this as possibly “bringing down” the bank and wrecking people’s savings.

3:30  Provocative Amy Davidson piece at The New Yorker on WIki, Anonymous, and how news outlets running cables not much different from Wiki—and, also, not wrong.  “But back to the counterattacks. Are those entirely disreputable? I suppose (and I am speaking only for myself here) that if one is honest about one’s own interests, it is good to know that if the government ever put pressure on private companies to stop The New Yorker from publishing classified information—as we have before, and I hope will again—that complying won’t seem, to those companies, to be the convenient and expedient route. They would worry about the response…”

3:10  After another one-day pause, NYT just returned to the Wiki cable fray with story on how US aided China on Myanmar.

3:05  Famed French newspaper Libération now hosting a Wikileaks mirror site 

3:00 Financial Times with report on cyberwarriors surprising experts—even their decentralized approach may help them.

2:45  Guardian writers hit US effort vs. Assange as constitutional.

2:20  NYT blog with piece on Wikipedia getting sick of being confused with WikiLeaks.

2:15  Preview of Swedish doc, “Wiki Rebels.”

12:45  AP: Massive downloads today suggest cyber attacks gearing up to take down Amazon, Pay Pal.  “US data security company Imperva says downloads of the attack program used to bombard websites with bogus requests for data have jumped to over 40,000, with thousands of new downloads reported overnight.”

12:35  New piece by Naomi Wolf at Huff Post on why we should all care about espionage law being trotted out vs. WikiLeaks.

12:05  I just caught up with Howie Kurtz piece today on Rupert Murdoch’s outreach to the Saudis, from Wiki cable.

11:55  Mashable covers former WikiLeaks members launching Open Leaks.

11:30  On another front: Don’t miss my live book chat about my “The Campaign of the Century” (Upton Sinclair’s race for governor of California and birth of media politics) and ask your Q at Fire Dog Lake tomorrow at 5 pm ET.

11:15  Is today the day Wiki fever finally ebbs?  NYT has published revelations from cables only one day in past three. The Guardian‘s vital blog just shut down for the day (it usually goes into the night) possibly for the weekend. Perhaps just a lull as Assange awaits next legal move,  cyber warriors plot next moves, and fresh cables seek light of day.

11:10  Great Guardian summary here of how Wiki cable revelations have played out, country-by-country.

11:05  Wiki site’s running count shows still only 1,269 cables released—out of a quarter million.

10:55  Fresh from Colbert appearance, Dan Ellsberg re-visits Democracy Now!, continues to defend Assange and Manning.

10:45  WikiLeaks tweets: State department republishes Wikileaks’ doc. Will they now try to sue themselves?

10:35  Glenn Greenwald hits TIME magazine for halfhearted correction after he pointed out errors. “In reality, the “correction” is nothing of the sort; it is instead a monument to the corrupted premise at the heart of American journalism.”

10:10  Good McClatchy summary:  WikiLeak cables reveal extensive US military role in Muslim world—far more than officially acknowledged. 

10:00  Rep. Ron Paul on the floor of the House backing WikiLeaks and Assange.  Also raises issue of—if so heinous why no one going after NYT?  Attacks “lies” that got us into Iraq and the US war “empire.”

9:50  The MasterCard site is down AGAIN, The Guardian just reported:  “The attack was due to begin at 2pm and within five minutes MasterCard’s site was down. Note again that this solely affects the company’s corporate website—not the millions of payments being processed through its customers’ cards. Anonymous are doing it because they can. The group is digital strong-arming and will no doubt get a bit of short-term satisfaction from it.”

9:40  Predictably good take at Foreign Policy by Evgeny Morozow on the future of Wikileaks and the media (and see his link to today’s NYT discussion).  He looks at the new collaborative model with major news outlets and adds: “For WikiLeaks to be truly effective, someone knowledgeable—i.e. not just a geek on a quest for global justice—needs to look at the cables and tell a captivating story about them. In fact, the story needs to be so captivating that it would even make Cambodian cables from Macedonia look like a treat. ”

9:15   Here’s  Boing Boing’s wacky 3-minute video of every single Wiki revelation of the past 12 days:

8:50  As always, start your day with the excellent and five-hours-ahead blog at The Guardian.  Right now with news on Moneybookers site taken down by Anonymous,  Pfizer in trouble over cables,  pro-Wiki protests,  Glenn Beck’s rant, a tough column vs. some liberals who are hitting those rape accusations, a Chinese media unit joins Russia in proposing Assange for Nobel Peace Prize, and more.

8:30  ABC News reports that Assange and attorneys now preparing for expected US espionage charges—one lawyer, Jennifer Robinson,  calls this “imminent”—and extradition attempt.  “He is being held in solitary confinement with restricted access to a phone and his lawyers, Robinson said. “This means he is under significant surveillance but also means he has more restrictive conditions than other prisoners,” she said. “Considering the circumstances he was incredibly positive and upbeat.”

8:10  As we predicted, leading Pakistani newspapers today apologizing for carry fully false stories yesterday on fully fake WikiLeaks cables.

8:00  NYT confirms Reuters story from yesterday about rumored next big WikiLeaks release—on Guantanamo detainees, with Assange holding files on all 800 prisoners from awhile back.  “After a Reuters article reported that WikiLeaks has the files of every Guantánamo detainee, a government official told The Times that the government believed the claim was correct and that it referred to a set of nearly 800 detainee ‘threat assessment’ files compiled by the Pentagon during the Bush administration.”

From last night: 

Dan Ellsberg debates Colbert on show, very truncated and Colbert closes with seemingly serious claim that US “won” war in iraq…..  James Rainey of LA Times on why WikiLeakers are not quite Rosa Parks, plus this advice: “Leaker-people, make your business about the leaks, not your leader.” … We reported earlier mystery of that Wiki-related e-book suddenly disappearing from Amazon.  Turns out author himself pulled it, not Amazon…. Wired:  Military bans thumb drives, disks, threatens court martials, to stop leaks….

Assange attorney, after meeting with him for one hour only, says Assange wishes to defend himself against charges he is directing or applauding hacking:  “It is absolutely false. He did not make any such instruction, and indeed he sees that as a deliberate attempt to conflate hacking organisations [with] WikiLeaks, which is not a hacking organisation. It is a news organisation and a publisher.”


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