Once again, I seem to be almost "live-blogging" the latest news and views on the WIkiLeak release.  Updated below from the top, with ET stamp.  NOTE:   See the blog for Wednesday, Day 4, here.

11:50  As I warned: Experts now question N. Korea-Iran missile deal in Wikileaks that NYT and others in US media went nuts over,  Wash Post reports.  

10:00  State Dept. spokesman P.J. Crowley tweets: "Calls for Sec Clinton to resign are ridiculous. She has instructed diplomats to do jobs. Nothing more, nothing less." Do job = spying, with new aims, including getting credit card numbers, DNA samples, etc.?

8:50   Pentagon chief Robert Gates off the reservation: fallout from WikiLeaks will be "fairly modest" for foreign policy. 

8:40  Arianna Huffington sees the bright side—numerous leaks about Afghanistan may prove to be tipping point in us getting out and if so will make them worthwhile even if some downside.

6:30  Interpol issues warrant on "fugitive" Julian Assange.

5:05  Classic, from NYTHow Blackwater turned to pirate-hunting as a way to drum up new business. 

5:00  Bombshell from The Guardian? UK promised in 2009  to protect US interests in official Chilcot inquiry on Iraq war—now a "coverup" charged. 

4:20  Time magazine with "exclusive" Assange interview—love this, via Skype from an "undisclosed location." (A deep bunker I hope, to avoid drones.)   He says Hillary Clinton should resign over UN and embassy spying, which NYT and others here don’t seem to really care about.   He reminds media (which usually gets this wrong) that these cables are being redacted "carefully"—hence the slow rollout—and confirms a bank is next big Wikileaks target.

4:15  Glenn Beck today on the radio confuses WikiPedia and WikiLeaks—seems to really not know difference.  In any case, finds nefarious link to George Soros.  Maybe he is Assange’s real Dad? 

4:05  Politico has updated its good piece on "unprecedented" international press collaboration on, and with, WikiLeaks, and how it is a media "game changer." 

3:45  Scary stuff just up from The Guardian: "American and British diplomats fear Pakistan‘s nuclear weapons programme could lead to fissile material falling into the hands of terrorists or a devastating nuclear exchange with India. The latest cache of US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks contains warnings that Pakistan is rapidly building its nuclear stockpile despite the country’s growing instability and ‘pending economic catastrophe’." And much more there on Pakistan, such as: " The ambassador starkly informed Washington that ‘no amount of money’ from the US would stop the Pakistani army backing Islamist militants and the Afghan Taliban insurgency."

3:40  NYT launches its daily mid-afternoon WikiLeaks piece, this time on Pakistan. "Vexing." Six more days to come, they had earlier announced.

3:30  Via Dave Weigel: John Kerry says espionage laws might have be to be "tweaked" to nail WikiLeaks. 

 2:30  Bill Kristol wants to "neutralize" Assange and "whack" WIkiLeaks—clear enough for you? "Why can’t we act forcefully against WikiLeaks? Why can’t we use our various assets to harass, snatch or neutralize Julian Assange and his collaborators, wherever they are? Why can’t we disrupt and destroy WikiLeaks in both cyberspace and physical space, to the extent possible? Why can’t we warn others of repercussions from assisting this criminal enterprise hostile to the United States?"

2:15  Great Guardian piece on US "u-turn" over former Gitmo detainee. Plus, blogger there says it shows how "ludicrous" US Gitmo policy is.

2:05  Glenn Greenwald tweets: "Do people in the media not know or not care that prosecuting WikiLeaks would endanger what they do? or at least what they do in theory…" And Marcy Wheeler on Twitter notes that Chuck Todd on NBC at least noted that if feds go after Assange for leaks they should also consider Bob Woodward.  

12:20  Don’t miss Mike Isikoff on how no one cared when Amnesty International revealed US air strike with cluster bombs killed three dozen civilians, including kids, in Yemen. Now it’s a big deal with cables showing Yemeni lied about no US involvement—and a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda? 

11:50  Michael Moore on the 5 biggest overlooked revelations in the release—some serious, some fun.

11:45  More from the Guardian on reactions from  "two poles"—Rick Santorum and Noam Chomsky.

11:20  The Daily Show tweets: "Tonight: Wikileaks proves diplomats do things even when we’re not watching them. They’re like the toys in ‘Toy Story’! But cuter!"

11:05  Love the Guardian slamming Wash Post reaction with this lead item at their blog right now: Good morning from a damp Washington, where the US’s bloggers and other media are still transitioning from their knee-jerk "this is old news" response to deciding that there is in fact some hot stuff amongst the cables. The Washington Post’s neo-conservative leader writers today dismiss the cables as "embarrassing to their authors or subjects, but otherwise harmless", and save their attention for how the leak happened in the first place.

 10:55  On Democracy Now! this morning the investigations editor for the Guardian says  the worst  is yet to come in this released with some "terrible" disclosures, some related to Russia, corruption abroad, and more.   

10:45  Glenn Greenwald with strong column hitting media coverage—and those who hope for assassination of Assange—and more.

10:35  Administration Searches for Way to Arrest Julian Assange 

10:30   The great Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell on who is really putting lives at risk… Wikileaks gets the wacky Taiwan animation treatment.

Earlier today:

NYT editorial claims cables show "absence of skullduggery" by Obama diplomats… Jack Shafer at Slate: Hillary Clinton must quit after these revelations… Assange says next target will be a major US bank. Sat for cover story with Forbes, no less. See transcript. "It‘s like the Enron emails"…  Oh, boo-hoo: hawkish on national security Wash Post wonders why Wikileaks has frozen it out of its doc dumps.  Mike Calderone talks to the editor here... WikiLeaks did offer docs to WSJ—the paper declined. ….

David Brooks tweaks own paper for getting into bed with WikiLeaks… Marc Ambinder with an excellent look at exactly how one man, presumably Bradley Manning, may have been able to leak so much on his own…  NYT yesterday previewed cables on US "shopping" Gitmo prisoners around to other countries but just now comes out with full report… NYT keeps covering for Hillary: see this piece—you’d never know she ordered UN and other embassy spying.

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