Here’s day four of new blog on #Occupy Wall Street as it spreads to many other cities. Items added at top, as I take a break from my anti–death penalty writing and new book on that subject. All times ET.

10:50  Surprise musical guest at NY site, rumored all day for 10 pm, turns out to be Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel.  Here he does acoustic tune a few years back:

10:30  Our pal Laura Flanders tweets: "It’s TRUE: Tomorrow, will start covering in NYC with + . TUNE IN!"

 10:10  @Newyorkist tweets reminder from speaker at Liberty Park:  "Eveyrthing u do here, everything you say," is being watched. "This is not bonaroo, this not a hippie commune."

9:35  Al Jazeera puts Occupy at top right of home page, with photo. And like other sites today (such as at Mother Jones and Daily Kos, as noted below), they have interactive map of activity.

7:35  Juan Cole compares protests in Egypt and USA, claims the one percenters in Egypt more responsive than one percenters here.

7:30 Jonathan Alter tweets:  "I just visited in NYC. After 13 days, still hopping. In 147 cities/colleges now. Could be Tea Party of left if not hijacked."

7:25  The Rude Pundit argues: "The Case for Using Predator Drone Strikes Against Wall St. Execs." (h/t Barbara Bedway)

5:50  NYT:   Romney calls Occupy  "dangerous" and "class warfare." Obama won’t comment.

5:15  Now Financial Times with full article.    "As the protests have extended into a third week in New York and sparked similar demonstrations in Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago, even Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke was asked about the growing movement during an appearance before Congress.  ‘Like everyone else, I’m dissatisfied with what the economy’s doing right now,’ Mr Bernanke said, adding that protesters had cause to be unhappy over the economy and political issues."

5:00  Follow @OccupyColleges for updates on tomorrow’s noon "walkout."  Just linked to their Facebook listing of those taking part so far.

4:55 Allison Kilkenny tweets re: Erin Burnett:  "Tremendous coverage. Maybe next time you & your Citigroup executive fiance can just punch some activists."

3:00 I linked to NYT‘s Andrew Ross Sorkin’s apparent change of heart on Occupy last night, and now Glenn Greenwald on the case re: how it happened. "The dynamics they are contesting are overwhelmingly systemic, not partisan.  The call between Sorkin and his banking-CEO-friend that caused the NYT columnist to make his foray into the street jungle to report back on the discontented animals is a perfect symbol of the institutional forces that are the target of this unrest."

2:55 Daily Kos with interactive map of and info on over 200 "solidarity" sites and events for OccupyUSA. 

2:50  At Alternet, Colin Greer (who was on board of Nuclear Times when I was the editor there) with terrific 40-year history of the rightwing "corporate takeover" of USA.

1:30  Replying to requests, here’s the Occupied Wall Street Journal as PDF.

12:50  Student "walkout" nationally set for noon tomorrow.

12:40  Today’s song and video for Occupyers everywhere: Springsteen’s ode to "Youngstown." 

 12:05  Mother Jones with interactive feature including map for local protests across USA. Note: things moving so fast, they are missing some sites on the map. Also there: timeline, social media index, more.

11:35 New Jonathan Chait piece at New York magazine. Clearly, he’s not a big fan, but does clearly say that pressure from the left (if that’s what this is) always helps liberals take more action and is much needed.

11:30 Photo of ticker in Times Square really clears things up.

11:00 Smells like post-teen spirit? From Alternet: Why massive unemployment and staggering student debt made young people natural leaders of movement.

10:25 Ezra Klein in Wash Post: Who are the 99 percenters? Concludes: “There are a lot of people who are getting an unusually raw deal right now. There is a small group of people who are getting an unusually good deal right now. That doesn’t sound to me like a stable equilibrium.

“The organizers of Occupy Wall Street are fighting to upend the system. But what gives their movement the potential for power and potency is the masses who just want the system to work the way they were promised it would work. It’s not that 99 percent of Americans are really struggling. It’s not that 99 percent of Americans want a revolution. It’s that 99 percent of Americans sense that the fundamental bargain of our economy—work hard, play by the rules, get ahead—has been broken, and they want to see it restored.”

10:20 Eric Boehlert looks at media coverage and is glad to see more, but advises: “Occupy is Populist. Tea Party is Not.”

10:00 And in case you wondered: Ann Coulter says Occupy is threatening “rise of totalitarianism.”

9:55 Glenn Greenwald tweets: ” I think those hoping to distort into a Dem Party movement – the way GOP did with the Tea Party – will be disappointed.” Our own Allison Kilkenny responds that, indeed, protesters seem to “universally detest” Dem Party.

9:40 @Occupy Chicago tweets: “We got coffee and donuts. Come get some, Chicago.”

9:20 The estimable Dave Winer asks: OccupySiliconValley? Meanwhile, David Swanson suggests: “Rebuild the Dream—in the Streets.” He also previews Freedom Plaza protest demands starting Thursday.

9:15 Wash Post writer finds clear demand from OccupyDC: Get money out of politics!… Denver Nicks with a somewhat different take after a visit on Monday night.

8:45 College students planning walkouts on Wednesday. Here is NYU report. Meanwhile, at Liberty Park site, “consensus” reached to move “quiet time” back from 11 pm to 10 pm to be kind to neighbors.

8:40 Deepak Chopra visits.

8:20 I noted yesterday that buddy Will Bunch would be reporting today on his visit to Occupy’s NY site. Here is the front-pager in the Philly paper, graphic at left.

From late Monday

Andrew Ross Sorkin latest to have second thoughts after pooh-poohing Occupy at first. Even paid a visit. Finds it has “matured.”

Joe Stiglitz addresses crowd at Liberty Park, while poking fun at lack of bullhorn and people having to repeat words in “echo chamber.”

From my pal Philly newspaperman Will Bunch, who has written key books on Reagan and the Tea Party movement: “Had a great day hanging at ! Now filing my stories for tomorrow’s Daily News from Starbucks across from NY City Hall.”

Coverage of LA actions via Neon Tommy.

Dylan Ratigan visited NYC site and reported this… General Assembly going on there now.

First White House comment, from today’s press briefing with Jay Carney (courtesy Greg Sargent) asked about Obama’s reaction to protests: “I haven’t discussed it with him. I’m sure he’s aware of it because he follows the news. I would simply say that, to the extent that people are frustrated with the economic situation, we understand. And that’s why we’re so urgently trying to focus Congress’s attention on the need to take action on the economy and job creation. And as regards Wall Street, I mean, one of the things that this President is very proud of is the consumer protections that were put into place through legislation that Republicans are now eager to try to dismantle.”

Greg Mitchell’s new e-book vs. the death penalty is Dead Reckoning: Executions in America (and just $2.99). His other current book: Atomic Cover-Up, on the censorship of film footage from Hiroshima and Nagasaki for decades.