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11:20  Krugman in Friday column goes all Buffalo Springfield on us, with "something happening here / what it is ain’t exactly clear," but still, he loves "the rise of a popular movement that, unlike the Tea Party, is angry at the right people."  Elsewhere at NYTHow Occupy offers hope for, and threat to, Obama.

11:15 Glad to hear there was a big singalong with patron saint Woody Guthrie at Librerty Park encampment, NYC.  Here’s one of my favorites from Woody that fits the moment, "Do-Re-Mi."  With the accent on the "dough."

 9:30  Tom Watson pulls together Steve Jobs death, Facebook, the 1984 Apple ad, and Occupy movement, and cool title, "Here We Are Now, Entertain Us." Also some good links at end.

8:00 The Nation, of course, has full remarks by Naomi Klein at Zuccotti Park tonight.   She called the movement "the most important thing" going.

7:40 More major news from tonight’s General Assembly in NYC, according to reports: They have requested a sound permit from the owners of park!  While continuing to meet with community boards in "good neighbor" program. 

7:20  Naomi Klein at Occupy site in NY tonite apparently said it isn’t the  "answer" to the Tea Party.– but to the Democratic party.  Also: asked what to tell people to spread the movement she reportedly said, "Tell him how much fun it is!"

7:10  OccupyLA tweets after busy day: "Back at camp, tents still everywhere, people protesting, food being served, & someone bought our teams Quizno’s! Thank you"

5:40  Really big turnout in Portland today, here is photo proof.

5:35  Live-stream for tnis evening from Liberty Park, with Naomi Klein (as we mentioned) due at 6 pm.

5:00 Occupy and union march in LA here, including arrests when some entered Bank of America branch.

4:40 I mentioned earlier that DC protesters would try to form a 99% for an aerial shot and the result is here at left.

4:30 Columbus Day rally for Occupy in NYC next Monday at noon with parents being asked to bring out-of-school kids for real education in America.

4:15 Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! today, hitting mainstream media for blowing coverage of Occupy. PLUS: She is speaking at Liberty Park at 6 pm tonight.

4:10 The Nation launching separate Occupy page very shortly with all of the online content in one place.

3:25 The Guardian with full look at how Fox has responded to Occupy. As you can imagine. But still worth a read. “Hannity seemed unaware that Republicans sometimes get money from Wall Street as well as Democrats, so he accepted her argument that Wall Street is liberal and went back to discussing the incoherence of the mob.”

3:10 Yes, there is an OccupyNewOrleans—no, not just for JazzFest—and yes, local cops are taking pictures of crowds (just like in NYC).

3:05 Occupyers in DC have marched past White House. Also trying to form a human 99% for an aerial shot.

3:00 Just got e-mail from Chris Bowers at DailyKos, who is setting people up with Occupy groups—now in more than 200 locales. Here is their list.

1:55 Live streaming the DC rally this afternoon:

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

1:30 Early MSM coverage and pics of DC rally.

1:15 New MoveOn video on who is really marching with Occupy—i.e., not just kids and hippies.

12:00 I wondered about this last night, now here is Guardian reporter with a NY protester: “Brian Phillips, a former Marine, said that, following Wednesday’s march, a crowd of protesters wanting to go to Wall Street were urged against it by others. ‘There were these guys just got up and did a mic check and said: We’re marching to Wall St, and we had people booing and doing their down fingers and stuff. But they still went. There’s a lot of people here who are upset about it. It’s enough to have a march of 30,000 people there’s no reason to continue marching. We had the numbers we got the attention…. I look at it this way—it got rid of the bad ones. Let them weed themselves out.‘ ”

11:50 Not sure if this is new news or not, but here’s piece on Mayor Bloomberg’s girlfriend sitting on board of… Liberty Park. Hizzoner has answered “we’ll see” when asked how long he will allow camping out there.

11:45 Democracy Now with full report today. Amy Goodman much inevidence at NY rally yesterday.

11:05 One of my favorite movies from a few year’s back now with new relevance. It’s Tim Robbins’s funny, and sharp, Bob Roberts, where you get both a satire of Wall Streeters and modern media (and the election process). Here’s Tim with his “Wall Street Rap,” a takeoff on the famous Dylan video.

11:00 Excellent Matt Stoller piece on the “anti-politics” of Occupy and the public square process, via Yves Smith’s especially well-named blog these days, Naked Capitalism.

10:55 VP Joe Biden on Occupy: “The core is the bargain has been breached with the American people…. The core is, the American people do not think the system is fair, or on the level. That is the core is what you’re seeing with Wall Street.”

10:50 Video from growing OccupySpokaneFront-page of NY Daily News today: BRAWL STREET… Big action in Tampa today… Occupy Phladelphia begins.

10:45 I linked to earlier version of this last night, but here is fully NY Daily News gallery of photos of arrests, violence last night… Trying to confirm that cop Connolly at left was same guy involved in controversial 2004 shooting.

10:40 My pal Will Bunch: What I Saw at the Revolution, after a visit.

10:00 New Paul Krugman blog post hails “the unsavvy people” (even if the media does not). “So, good for the protesters. And if the Obama people have any sense of self-preservation, they’ll try to mend fences with the people they have disappointed so badly.”

9:30 List of messages on homemade signs courtesy of The New Yorker, of all places. I like: “QUICK! SELL EVERYTHING AND INVEST IN PEPPER SPRAY.”

9:25 Andy Kroll in Mother Jones: From Wisconsin to Wall Street, economic “reckoning” the spark.

9:20 Howard Dean weighs in on Occupy: “I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen.”

8:40 Jon Stewart compares Occupy with Tea Party… A touching Wall Street Journal editorial today—the poor bankers had to raise rates this month for consumers because their earnings have been “suppressed.”

8:30 Scuffles and conflict in San Francisco, as well, last night.

8:20 Yet another video of violence last night in NYC, as one of the livestream camera guys gets busted, struck in head and taken to paddy wagon, where he keeps filming.

8:00 Big Twitter movement to get hash tag changed to simply #OWS.

From late Wednesday

11:38 Longer video of beatings tonight, nightsticks flying.

11:15 Fox local TV cameraman hit by mace, reporter struck by police baton:

10:35 Below: Cops beating people tonight near Wall Street.

10:30 Video shot and posted tonight in NYC from inside paddy wagon after arrests.

10:25 Trumka, the AFL-CIO chiefs, backed Occupy today in statement… New NYT piece tonight on unions backing protests today—despite (allegedly) fears of “far-leftists” in their midst and anti-American attitudes.

9:40 According to tweets, live streams and more: more calm at same time as more arrests, confrontations, enormous police presence and even copters. But some reports placed arrests at only eight, at least until past hour, when that might have changed. Crowd in park calm but various marches going on or blocked. Or so say tweets.

8:35 Some marchers still blocked. Some want to keep marching. Many gathered at park, dispersed. Reports of twenty or more arrests, pepper spraying, will take awhile to make sense of whole thing and if will go on for a few hours or end quickly.

8:30 Tim Robbins reportedly at march tonight. I recommend his great satire Bob Roberts as quite apt—mocking Wall Street and media.

7:55 And now it begins in NYC: barriers down, pepper spraying, arrests, paddy wagons. Wild live stream.

7:40 Olbermann tweets: “Erin Burnett self-destruction continues. Graphics tonight: “Banks Are Good For America” “We Should Root For The Banks.”

7:20 Max Blumenthal has been noting at march the many, many signs urging US to save money by (ahem) cutting aid to Israel. Or backing Palestinian rights. He also spotted cool shirt with: “Revolt Like an Egyptian.” Perhaps lost on the very young.

7:00 First national poll on Occupy finds 33 percent have favorable view, 27 percent not and 40 percent not sure. What’s amazing is the pollster: GOP-leaning Rasmussen! This tops favorable ratings of the Tea Party etc. Poll taken Monday and Tuesday. Fully half of Democrats back.

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