Here’s a running blog on the weekend’s protests spreading out from Occupy Wall Street now to many other cities, the aftermath and next plans. New items added at top, as I take a break from my anti–death penalty writing. All times ET….


11:25  The Nation‘s Peter Rothberg on how to support Occupy Wall Street  (and keep sending those pizzas).

11:20  Occupy Boston tweets: "Official plans: Tomorrow at 8 AM we will march from camp to Fox News for a march and protest. All are invited."

11:00 New NYT piece:  Occupy encampment in NY now a … tourist destination.  Or maybe they are just drumming fans.  Paging Ginger Baker.

10:30  Occupy the Nation site focuses on protests across USA, live weeds from multiple cities, events.

10:10  Lot of tension earlier this evening at NYC site but then calmed.  Great tweets all night, and ongoing, by my friend @

8:30  Donations of food and lodging handled here.

6:50 MoveOn is having "Virtual March on Wall Street."   No bail needed.

5:55  God backs the protests.  #OccupyInTheSky

5:25  New NYT piece on the commanders of NYPD–the "white shirts"–taking surprisingly "hands-on" (literally) approach to dealing with protestors.  "The prevalence of white shirts around Zuccotti Park signals how closely the department monitors high-profile events. Strategies are carefully laid out; guidelines for crowd-dispersal are rehearsed; arrest teams are assembled. It is all in an effort to choreograph a predictable level of control."  With some obvious failures.

5:00  More local feeds to follow (added those below):  OccupyRichmond, OccupyKSt, OccupyProv, Occupy_AlbanyNY, OccupyAppleton, OccupyNH.   Waiting for OccupyTheWH.

4:35  Yes, they’re everywhere.  Follow the action in S. Carolina at @Occupy_SC.  And @OccupyCincy, and of course @OccupyLA and @OccupyChicago.  And your choice: @OccupyBoston and @OccupyBeantown.

2:45 Thanks to @DhaniBagels for noting this, which unites my two current main issues, a sign at protest yesterday in NYC:   "I won’t believe that corporations are people until executes one."

2:30  Good guy Mark Ruffalo, who visited Occupyers yesterday (as we reported), back today with op-ed in The Guardian : "We Are the 99 percenters." Sez he: "It is a thing of beauty to see so many people so in love with the ideal of democracy, so alive with its promise, so committed to its continuity in the face of crony capitalism and corporate rule. That must and should be celebrated. That must and should be respected and admired."

12:50  This will cause a ruckus.  NYT posts two new videos from bridge — courtesy of NYPD — and then flatly declares, "The release of the videos seemed to back the police’s contention that it was the marchers’ choice that led to the police arresting about 800 people."

12:20  Andy Borowitz tweets: "The protesters totally stole the idea of Occupy Wall Street–from Satan."

12:15 The great Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism with lengthy post, and this: "So far, the JP Morgan donation [to nYPD]  is an isolated example. But the high odds of continuing deep budget cuts at the state and local level open up the opportunity for corporate funding of preferred services, and with it, much greater private sector influence on the apparatus of government. This is a worrisome enough possibility to warrant a high degree of vigilance by all of us."

12:00  Interviews from OccupyBoston. 

9:55 Video from San Francisco, which also hosts a famous bridge, I hear. And good video at Vimeo on Brooklyn Bridge arrests.

9:50 Classic NY Post front page headline on yesterday’s action: ”S#!T Hits the Span.” See here.

9:10 Tweet from Richard Robbins, @rich1: “How many protesters are disenfranchised Obama supporters? Could he win them back by showing he hears them?” Presume he means”disenchanted,” however.

9:05 Jail photo from a few hours ago. Not fun and games.

8:30 New NYT piece: ”Every Action Produces an Overreaction.” And with this on Liberty Park: ”Brookfield Properties, the developer that owns the land and offers it for public use, is presumably sending few notes of gratitude to the police. In a statement, a spokesman said the company was ‘extremely concerned with the conditions that have been created by those currently occupying the park,’ and was ‘actively working with the City of New York to address these conditions and restore the park to its intended purpose.’ Good luck with that.”

8:25 New NPR piece on plans for”long-term occupation.”

8:15 Daily Kos diary shows how NYT changed its original story on yesterday’s protest and arrests to take blame off police, they charge. To be fair, piece still quotes activists a lot.

8:10 Noted Nation grad Micah Sifry, once an Occupy sceptic, now writes how it has grown.

8:00 Good morning. From the @OccupyWallSt twitter feed: ”There were 600 people arrested over several days during the 1999 Seattle WTO protests. The NYPD just arrested 700 in 5 hours.” Then there’s these helpful tips: ”How NOT To Get Arrested.”

12:20 Occupy goes Hollywood! Or at least Hollywood Reporter. Nice story there just now with cool photo of Mark Ruffalo, taking a break from his great anti-fracking work to visit Wall Street site and comment. Also quotes from Yoko Ono and Russell Simmons. Susan Sarandon also has stopped by.

12:05 Frances Fox Piven: “We desperately need a popular uprising in the United States”


11:55 Over 430 comments on NYT’s main protest story right now.

11:50 One of the Occupy movements that most participants in the US seem to reject is OccupyPalestine.

11:45 And the number keeps rising: Wash Post places number of arrests in NY today at a whopping 700.

10:40 Yes, it is Occupy USA, as we claim in blog head, so here are today’s demos in little Asheville, NC, and larger Seattle, And even larger Chicago. Not to mention the great state of Maine.

10:35 Some media reports do include charges that the police rerouted the protesters today so they could be arrested. And here’s an Alternet reporter’s account of being trapped on bridge.

10:25 Videos from today, more here from our old friend Kevin Gosztola at FDL.

9:50 NYC arrest count now tops 500, NY Daily News reports.

9:05 Photos and text on Occupy spreading to LA with march today. Just in time for baseball playoffs, a reported launch in Tampa today.

9:00 Great shot of activist holding the front page of the new Occupied Wall Street Journal.

8:30 To catch up: police arrested twernty-four “Occupy Boston” protesters outside Bank of America

8:25 Enjoyed the “WE’RE not the criminals!” chant on the bridge. Also, the perennial “The whole world is watching!” Grandpa here should note that I was in the crowd the first time the latter chant gained fame—in Chicago, August 1968, police riot, Democratic National Convention.

8:20 Apparently there was a Mark Ruffalo sighting at the encampment in NY.

8:10 Finally the protests make the NYT op-ed page, with a column by Nick Kristof—he has some unkind words for some aspects while being generally supportive. Charging that demands are unclear or nonexistent, he offers a few.

8:05 If you missed the first semi-official list of “demands” from the General Assembly.

8:00 As I followed at Twitter, at least 400 arrests at the Brooklyn Bridge late this afternoon and early evening. Here’s the NYT write-up. One of its freelance reporter was among the busted, and her saga got wide play on the web.

7:55 James Fallows of The Atlantic still on case of coward cop who pepper-sprayed defenseless folks in NYC.

Greg Mitchell’s new e-book vs. the death penatly is Dead Reckoning: Executions in America (and just $2.99).