Here’s day three of a new running blog on #Occupy Wall Street as it spreads to many other cities. Items added at top, as I take a break from my anti–death penalty writing and new book on that subject.  All times ET.

10:40  Andrew Ross Sorkin latest to have second thoughts after pooh-poohing Occupy at first.  Even paid a visit.  Finds it has "matured."

10:20  Joe Stiglitz addresses crowd at Liberty Park, while poking fun at lack of bullhorn and people having to repeat words in "echo chamber."

7:45  From my pal Philly newspaperman  Will Bunch, who has written key books on Reagan and the Tea Party movement: : "Had a great day hanging at ! Now filing my stories for tomorrow’s Daily News from Starbucks across from NY City Hall."

7:05  Coverage of L.A. actions via Neon Tommy.

7:00  Dylan Ratigan visited NYC site and reported this.… General Assembly going on there now.

6:20  First White House comment, from today’s press briefing with Jay Carney (courtesy Greg Sargent) asked about Obama’s reaction to protests:  "I haven’t discussed it with him. I’m sure he’s aware of it because he follows the news. I would simply say that, to the extent that people are frustrated with the economic situation, we understand. And that’s why we’re so urgently trying to focus Congress’s attention on the need to take action on the economy and job creation. And as regards Wall Street, I mean, one of the things that this President is very proud of is the consumer protections that were put into place through legislation that Republicans are now eager to try to dismantle."

4:50  Reports of arrests at Liberty Park, NYC, for…wearing masks.

4:40  Another tune for the Occupyers.   Ace activist Steve Earle, "The Revolution Starts Now."  In your own backyard, in your old hometown.  So what’s the use of sitting around?  

3:30  NYT with big new piece on protests spreading across USA. "Three weeks into a protest against corporate abuses and Wall Street power that has led to hundreds of arrests in New York, similar demonstrations are popping up in other cities across the country with the aid of social media and with the same loosely organized structure as the original demonstration."

3:15  Just tweeted by Adbusters: "Facebook censorship evidence: Can’t post link to Help confirm." 

2:20 Time magazine’s Michael Scherer with major take on Occupy as “Tea Party of the Left.” He means that in a good way, I think.

2:05 MoveOn with big e-mail push just now on NYC protest set for 4:30 on Wednesday, even asking for RSVP to gauge (huge) crowd. “These are the moments that the American Dream Movement was built to uplift, which we can do right here in New York, by showing the other 99% that we share their frustration, that we stand with them—that we are them too. This Wednesday, join thousands from unions, community groups, and the American Dream Movement in a march from City Hall to Wall Street in solidarity with the other 99% protesters.”

1:50 Cool photo of Occupy Boston tent city. Latest Twitter feed addition: @Occupy__PR. Yes, that’s Puerto Rico, not Public Relations, though that might be needed, too. Occupyers in Chicago claim police there delivering coffee and donuts to them. Occupy Cleveland kicking off October 6. Occupy Tampa organizing. Still no word on OccupyTheWH. More than a thousand gathered in NYC at park.

1:05 Now a Forbes slam: money makes world go ’round, activists don’t understand Wall Street, etc. But George Soros says he’s a supporter.

12:50 Summary and video of Occupyer taking on Fox News reporter, in segment that did not air. Occupy Pittsburgh’s first meeting on Wednesday.

12:15 Time magazine on “zombie” action today in NY and more.

12:05 Allison Kilkenny here at The Nation with new report on changing stories on bridge arrests. “The Ever-Changing Narrative Of Mass Arrests” And her Citizen Radio on same.

11:35 TPM on Van Jones and other progressives hailing Occupyers at Take Back conference in DC today.

11:20: Odds and ends: Occupation planned for Friday at Minneapolis gov’t plaza. On all that music at NYC site, now with added sax appeal. And yes there’s even an Occupy Boise.

11:10 Adding fuel to the fire: Top story on NYT site now on new emails showing our State Dept. and lobbyists conspriing to build that damn pipeline, and people and environment be damned. Or as writer/organizer Bill McKibben puts it in new tweet: “It appears Wall Street occupied the State Dept.”

10:50 Note to Occupyers everywhere: your patron saint, Woody Guthrie, died on this day forty-four years ago. Here’s one of his many takes on bankers and businessmen vs. people, starring Jesus H. Christ. “This song was made in New York City. If Jesus preached as he preached in Galilee they’d lay Jesus Christ in his grave.”

10:25 This movement must have arrived, as Wash Post feel needs for a primer. Ezra Klein’s idea.

10:05 Forbes covers today’s street theater in NYC: activists dressing up as “corporate zombies” and eatng Monopoly money “to let financial workers ‘see us reflecting the metaphor of their actions.’ One camper set up a table with tubes of makeup and stacks of fake money and was applying white makeup to the face of a young woman.”

10:00 The Nation’s George Zornick tweets: “Blogging today from (), which kicks off with a live video feed from #occupywallstreet.”

9:45 Boston Globe covers march through downtown this morning, as police stop traffic at intersections.

9:25 Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis weighs in: “#OccupyWallStreet, to me, is about institutional failure. And so it is appropriate that #OccupyWallStreet itself is not run as an institution.” Also recalls his days of being mocked as scruffy hippie.

9:05 Occupy Boston targeting Fox News this morning. And here’s cool photo from LA. And “Occupy Everything” video from Vimeo.

9:00 Public relations firm Workhouse to work pro-bono for Occupy Wall Street.

8:50 NYT piece on publishing the Occupied Wall Street Journal. “Now, they have their own newspaper. It debuted on Saturday with a print run of 50,000, after two independent journalists in New York started a campaign using the online fund-raising platform Kickstarter. ‘This movement has sometimes been misrepresented,”’said Arun Gupta, 46, one of the two primary organizers of the project. ‘This paper is for the general public to let them know what is going on here.’ ” Plus quotes from Chris Hedges.

8:30 The TWU in New York has hit back: “The Transport Workers Union will go to court Monday to try to stop the city from forcing bus drivers to transport Wall Street protesters arrested by the NYPD, the Daily News has learned. The union, whose leaders voted last week to support the protesters, said police brass commandeered three MTA buses to transport many of the 700 demonstrators arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday.”

From late Sunday:

The Nation’s Peter Rothberg on how to support Occupy Wall Street (and keep sending those pizzas).

Occupy Boston tweets: “Official plans: Tomorrow at 8 AM we will march from camp to Fox News for a march and protest. All are invited.”

New NYT piece: Occupy encampment in NY now a … tourist destination. Or maybe they are just drumming fans. Paging Ginger Baker.

Occupy the Nation site focuses on protests across USA, live weeds from multiple cities, events. Donations of food and lodging handled here.

MoveOn is having “Virtual March on Wall Street.” No bail needed.

God backs the protests. #OccupyInTheSky. Waiting for #OccupyTheWH.

New NYT piece on the commanders of NYPD—the “white shirts”—taking surprisingly “hands-on” (literally) approach to dealing with protestors. “The prevalence of white shirts around Zuccotti Park signals how closely the department monitors high-profile events. Strategies are carefully laid out; guidelines for crowd-dispersal are rehearsed; arrest teams are assembled. It is all in an effort to choreograph a predictable level of control.” With some obvious failures.

More local feeds to follow: OccupyRichmond, OccupyKSt, OccupyProv, Occupy_AlbanyNY, OccupyAppleton, OccupyNH. Yes, they’re everywhere. Follow the action in S. Carolina at @Occupy_SC. And @OccupyCincy, and of course @OccupyLA and @OccupyChicago. And your choice: @OccupyBoston and @OccupyBeantown.

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