After heavily tweeting the story since 10:30 last night, now I will put some thoughts and links about the saturation media coverage here (while continued the WikiLeaks blog).

9:35  The Guardian: Osama bin Laden: laying ghosts to rest | Editorial 

9:25 "Live" from Ground Zero: Couric, Sawyer, Williams, Cooper, Hemmer, Shep and Spitzer.  Somehow live sounds like wrong word.  As my wife said over dinner tonight, looking out at neighbors directly across the street: "I wonder what they are thinking tonight."  They lost daughter on 9/11.  

5:10  Nate Silver with a second take on how some analysts going "too far" in downplaying bounce Obama will get and keep from OBL shooting.  

4:35  Time Mag special issue cover coming on Thursday at left.  4th time it has has used  the big X (first was for Hitler).

4:15  Keith Olbermann returns tonight, posting online video at 8 pm (old time slot) with "special comment" on, he says, "what’s next, for counter-terror, for the middle east, for the now debunked GOP."    Possibly look for, "You, sir, sleep with the fishes."  Worst (dead) person in the world? 

3:50  Oh, boy, here we go:  Nightly News Anchors Flock to Ground Zero.  My panoramic photo from 2002, and note: still no memorial there.  Will many note the disgrace?

3:20  Obama/Osama typos run rampant.

3:00 After watching Brennan (fast talker) press briefing, I am wonder if "burial at sea" means "dropped from copter."   He stressed need to do it within 24 hours and not being able to land in time frame.  

2:15  You may take issue with some of this, but here’s Chris Hedges last night upon hearing early reports of kiling of OBL.

2:05 Old pal  @DavidCornDC tweeting WH press briefing right now.

1:50  Warning: Those questioning Osama’s death not all foreign.   Someone at Breitbart site doing it and now Cindy Sheehan with this.   Deathers.

1:40  Nick Kristof tweets:  "President Zardari, how about a commission (w/ civilians) to investigate how Osama ended up in his compound & who rented it?"

1:30 Barney Frank: Bin Laden killing ‘strengthens the case’ for Afghanistan withdrawal 

1:25  Yes, those wacky Taiwanese animators already have vid up on Osama slaying.

1:00 Front page of NYT that was killed when Osama was … killed.  Spiked.

12:05 CJR on how “International News Sites Cover bin Laden’s Death.”

11:40 Steve Coll of The New Yorker, longtime Afghan/Pak expert, says evidence suggests Pakistan was hiding bin Laden. “The initial circumstantial evidence suggests the opposite is more likely—that bin Laden was effectively being housed under Pakistani state control. Pakistan will deny this, it seems safe to predict, and perhaps no convincing evidence will ever surface to prove the case. If I were a prosecutor at the United States Department of Justice, however, I would be tempted to call a grand jury.”

11:30 Print lives? New York Times prints an additional 165,000 copies of today’s paper. Some people will want to collect front page. But does anyone really care about that anymore?

11:25 Nick Kristof’s column on post-OBL world, but he is also blogging.

11: 10 Crap o’ Joe: Joe Scarborough— Obama’s base didn’t want him to catch bin Laden

10:45 Glenn Greenwald weighs in on “consequences” of OBL death.

10:40 Miracle: Cheney on TV hails Obama and his team.

10:35 Roger Cohen column at NYT on post-OBL with some urgings you may agree, and disagree, with: oust Gaddafi “with ruthlessness,” get out of Afghanistan soon, pressure Israel to make concessions, back popula revolts in Middle East.

10:30 Check out @JeremyScahill tweets all day.

10:25 Did Peter Beinart really write: “The war on terror is over; al Qaeda lost”?

10:00 There’s a reasonably convincing—but very fake—version of Obama death photo out there.

9:55 Local Fox affiliate (naturally) anchor reports “President Obama Is Dead” (video)

9:50 Bloody Sunday: ABC gets first photos, video, inside the compound.

9:45 @WSJ: “The Saudis declined a U.S. offer to take Osama bin Laden’s body, we are told, so he was buried at sea .”

9:40: NYT drops honorific “Mr.” for bin Laden at request of editors Keller & Abramson, see memo. Meanwhile, Keller’s wife hailed his paper’s coverage this morning via Twitter. Hasn’t been this much focus on this since they called Meat Loaf “Mr. Loaf.”

9:35 Cartoonist gives Bush 95 percent of credit for getting OBL, Obama 5 percent.

9:30 How locals in Pakistan broke news of raid on Osama compound via Twitter as it happened.

9:25 TV pundits, most recently Roger Crssley on MSNBC, spinning reason to, if anything, step up war on terror—Al Qaeda may now plan “spectacular” attack. Neverending. Another spin: we got info on Osama from detainees at Gitmo, implying maybe prison was good idea, after all.

9:20 My photos of Ground Zero from 2002:

9:15 Wait, I thought we killed the guy who ordered 9/11 years ago—Saddam Hussein?

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