Florida I-95

America Needs a Faith Lift;
a pregnant woman with a stem rose
and a pointing, bearded God
quoting Jeremiah quoting God;
a gray, washed-out steak:
What Vegetarians Eat When They Cheat—
or was it what the Vegetables ate?
You could see where the grease once shone
on the old meat. Inside, the silence.
—Tell me something.v —No, you!
We unbutton our pants.
Arms jiggling over fifty-five,
thighs spread out on the seat
and as far as the eye can see:
thousands of carfulls of spreading thighs,
the feel and smell of the seatbelt nylon,
cricked trapezii. V a s e c t o m y.
Oh, to feel your hand on my knee!
A lone willow in the field: textbook,
and the toxic cows, the steak itself
gnawing beside the flesh-filled cars,
the rootless wombs that drive themselves.