The flip side of the “Obama Girl” phenomenon of 2008 appeared early this week, with the release of a music video unveiling “Romney Girl,” a Swiss Miss with no hidden assets. Unlike Obama Girl, she revels in mockery of her namesake (such as “He’s rich, you’re poor/If he wins you’re uninsured” and “Life is taxless/It’s fantastic”).

Just another one-day web wonder? You might have thought so, but now that the creators are rolling out an ad campaign—and she’s been bashed on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox show by the host and a guest—it appears she is here to stay.

First off, here’s the original video:

She also has her own website and Twitter feed. As for the latter, she complains that a Sean Hannity fan stole her “desired” handle so she had to pick @RealRomneyGirl. Ads are now airing on TV in DC, New York, Colorado and Wisconsin.

The O’Reilly segment on Wednesday (they aired a bit of the video) shouldn’t hurt. Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy declared, “This is such a stupid parody. This attacks Romney on Swiss bank accounts and taxes, but to be a clever parody you actually have to be clever. This makes Romney look like a partier, which is stupid.”

It’s not all a joke, however. The creators at the Agenda Project Action Fund, via their site, are seriously promoting action to force Mitt to release his tax returns. And they observe at the site, “Mitt Romney is the first and only presidential candidate in U.S. history to have had a Swiss bank account“—hence the Swiss Miss get-up and theme. From the video: “Silver tip your hair, tax shelters everywhere,/ Outsource nation, Bain is his creation.”

They also have developed quite a back (and front) story for their gal, including her acting as the key source for Harry Reid’s contested claim that Romney paid no taxes for ten years. Avram Ludwig is the director of the video but I haven’t seen the lead actress and actor IDed yet.

The Agenda Project describes itself this way: “a progressive public policy advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that public officials—and the policies they implement—serve regular Americans. The Agenda Project Action Fund is the publisher of the Daily Agenda (—an on-line hub for incisive commentary on the progressive movement. Erica Payne, the Founder of The Agenda Project Action Fund, is a political strategist, communications expert, policy analyst, and author.” Here’s her bio.

Payne told ABC News today, “Our goal is that we’ll spark people’s interest in understanding more about his taxes. We are obviously not trying to make a serious video, but we felt like sometimes if you have a really serious subject and you need a lot of people to understand it, it could be better to approach it with a non-serious take.”