Bill Moyers, for his national public TV show this weekend (just posted online), explores the amazing political and cultural influence of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and his “Ode to Joy” around the world, past and present. It was inspired by the new film that I’ve co-produced, directed by Kerry Candaele, Following the Ninth, and the book we wrote, Journeys With Beethoven.

Remarkably, Moyers presents almost the entire seven-minute trailer for the film, which takes you from China (and Tiananmen Square) to Chile (under Pinochet) to England to Japan and elsewhere, with a special guest appearance by Billy Bragg. Before and after the trailer, Bill offers context and some very moving words of wisdom on the meaning of the Ninth, and Beethoven’s hope-despite-struggles, for our “dark” time.

His site also includes links to one of my articles reprinted from The Nation (on China) and a collection of “Ode to Joy” flash mobs from around the globe.  In other Moyers news: He announced today that his show would not end in January but continue in a half-hour version.

For much more on the film, where it's showing, reviews, and the book go here. Here’s the full segment from Moyers on The Ninth: