Just as the Bradley Manning trial approaches its climax—the judge today refused to throw out the most serious “aiding the enemy charge”—comes the first trailer for the upcoming major Dreamworks drama about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, The Fifth Estate. The New York Times mentions it, and carries a still, this morning in a piece about upcoming real-life Hollywood epics.

The Fifth Estate, directed by veteran Bill Condon, will arrive on October 11, on the heels of the Alex Gibney documentary, WikiLeaks: We Steal Secrets, which was both praised and damned and, in any case, has failed to find a large audience in the USA.

I’ve written about The Fifth Estate, such as here, for a few months. Cumberbatch is a fine actor who looks, and sounds, enough like Assange (see trailer) to prove credible in that regard, but who knows about the script. Assange criticized the whole enterprise early on, although Cumberbatch has said some nice things about him.

But the movie (which also features Laura Linney and Stanley Tucci, plus the great David Thewlis at reporter Nick Davies) focuses on Assange’s relationship with early colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who then became extremely critical of him. No sign of Manning in the trailer. Here’s the main Dreamworks site for the flick.

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