As often the case, Michael Shaw’s BagNewsNotes has posted an extensive, illuminating, not to mention shocking, compilation and analysis of visual evidence concerning a hot-button recent or historical event.

In this case it’s related to the recent trial, conviction and brutal sentencing of Occupy activist Cecily McMillan, which has been covered widely here at The Nation in past days. No need to rehash the New York City episode—the BagNews posting goes through it step by step, in the most revealing and coherent visual way yet, using a variety of videos and photos.

From Shaw’s intro:

As much as the issue in the courtroom was censorship, the problem with the enormous amount of imagery outside of it suggested that, sometimes at least, the more eyes we put on something, the less we can see. What is curious about Cecily McMillan’s ordeal—her sentencing scheduled for Monday—is that, in spite of the mountain of critical fragments that were captured and published, it never came together as a significant whole—the visuals failing to focus the public mind around a smoking gun.

Mindful of the gaps, what we’ve tried to do—working with photo and video journalist, Zach D. Roberts, who has spent a great deal of time documenting Occupy Wall Street and who was using multiple cameras the night of M17 –is a break down the critical events into four chronological “chapters” to try and get closer to that whole.

Go there now to see the visual evidence in four separate “chapters.”

Also: When I was covering Occupy here every day over its first six months of prominence, I often referred to or posted the photos of Annie Appel, who was documenting the movement in wonderful black and white portraits, starting in LA and then other cities. She now has a Kickstarter campaign for a hoped-for book that includes text by Carne Ross and Chris Hedges. Check it out.