UN Ambassador John Bolton, by virtue of his recess appointment last August, is once again up for a confirmation vote in the Senate.

Bolton’s nomination last year, you may recall, sparked fireworks when GOP Senator George Voinovich declined to support him and Senate Democrats blocked his nomination, prompting Bush to appoint him while Congress was in recess.

Bolton’s renomination has failed to trigger as much attention, even though his record at the UN has been as abysmal as predicted by his critics. But today Senator Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar delayed a scheduled vote on Bolton to undertake “consultations with a few other senators.”

The vote is off indefinitely, as of now.

My friend Mark Goldberg at TAPPED reports that Lincoln Chafee, who faces a tough primary in a few days, is likely the lone GOP hold out against Bolton. And for now committee Democrats have stood firm, even though hawkish American Jewish groups have tried to convince prominent Democrats, like Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, that a vote against Bolton is a vote against Israel.

“I think the nomination is in deep trouble again, as it should be,” says Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd.

Let’s hope it stays that way.