The debate over President Obama’s economic recovery package is simmeringover in the Senate. At The Nation we’re working to influence thediscussion. Today cited our Act Now blog post, “The Right isWinning Today”, in its urgent call for citizens to weigh in on thestimulus. This morning I was on The Today Show debating Laura Ingrahamabout the recovery package and the impact of the Daschle resignation onethics reform in Washington.

For us, HHS Secretary nominee Tom Daschle’s decision to step aside wasan example of the people holding President Obama to his promises. OnMonday I wrote a post, “Daschle Must Go”, which was cited by the New YorkTimes and ABC News as evidence of growing discontent on the leftover lapses in President Obama’s ethics rules. As we’ve been writing formonths, progressives need to be as clear-eyed about President Obama ashe is about us. While we’re concerned about any delay in passinguniversal health care, it’s encouraging that the public uproar overDaschle prodded the new administration to do the right thing.

These are just two of the stories generating discussion from The Nation. Starting this week I’ll be writing Editor’s Cut posts that highlight new features here at, and spotlight storiesthat are sparking debate. Our goal at The Nation is to ensure that ourbrand of journalism is influencing broader political and culturalconversations; I want to use Editor’s Cut as a space to share some ofthose stories. As always, please leave me your comments and ideas ofwhat you’d like to hear more (or less!) of in this space. But first, acouple of exciting new features to announce here at

With the beginning of a new administration, we launched a new featureat slideshows. Our look at historic photos fromInauguration Week was our most-trafficked piece in January; This weekwe have an exclusive preview of artwork from the graphic novel WaltzWith Bashir, a book inspired by Ari Folman’s excellent documentary aboutthe 1982 Lebanon War.

For years Laura Flanders has been a Nation mainstay, reporting ongrassroots activism and hosting RadioNation with Laura Flanders.Starting this week we are streaming Laura’s new show, GRIT TV with LauraFlanders, at The program will run from 2-4 PM ET Mondaysthrough Thursdays. GRIT TV is a new public affairs and news show withlively debates and commentaries. Thursday features a strong lineup:economist Robert Pollin will discuss the economic recovery package withLaura, and writer Trudy Lieberman debates the Daschle dust-up and thefuture of health care reform.

What is a “green job” anyway? In an effort to expand understanding ofthis critical issue, we’ve launched a new section at TheNation.comdevoted to the green economy. It’s a great resource that brings togetherall of our coverage of solutions that create jobs and address thegathering storm of climate change.