I’m writing from Moscow so I’ll keep this short, but I wanted to extend a welcome to Greg Mitchell, who we brought aboard this week to launch a new blog, Media Fix. Greg is a long-time contributor to The Nation and a friend of the magazine. As he wrote in a welcome post, his affiliation with The Nation goes back to the 1970s. Greg is best known for his nine books, his years editing Editor and Publisher, and his recent contributions to politics blogs like Talking Points Memo and Huffington Post. It was unfortunate to see Editor and Publisher change hands this past winter, but we are very glad to have Greg, who will blog for us daily on the intersections between politics and media.

Media Fix won’t officially launch until April, when we unveil a redesign of TheNation.com. Until then what you should do is follow Greg on Twitter, @MediaFixBlog, where he is previewing the blog as kind of a "twitter feed on steroids," bringing commentary throughout the day on the best, worst and most essential stories from print, radio, tv and online media. There is so much media out there today– some under the radar and some over-blown–and we believe Greg is the perfect tour guide, and TheNation.com the perfect platform. Follow Greg today, and join me in welcoming him to The Nation.

Also two videos of note. Matt Duss wrote our cover story this week, Attack of the Cheneys. Here is a video he did with the Center for American Progress. What are we seeing in the latest arguments from neoconservatives? How does Liz Cheney fit into all of this? And where do you see the future of the Cheney ideology? Watch here:

And from our event in February, "The Death and Life of American Journalism," John Nichols asks … "Are We Nitwits?" It’s a great clip on this current moment in American politics:

Thanks for reading.