The publication of The Cross of Redemption, a collection of James Baldwin’s uncollected prose, presents a necessary side of Baldwin—casual, less rigorous, more preachy—one that a collection of more polished pieces like Notes of a Native Son cannot. It is also an occasion to revisit some of the many fine essays and reviews written for The Nation by Baldwin, who was a member of the magazine’s editorial board.

"Maxim Gorki as Artist," from April 12, 1947
"The Crusade of Indignation," from July 7, 1956
"A Report from Occupied Territory," from July 11, 1966
"Open Letter to the Born Again," from September 29, 1979
"Notes on the House of Bondage," from November 1, 1980

You can also read Elias Altman’s review of The Cross of Redemption, Watered Whiskey.