One of the joys of following Sarah Palin on Facebook is finding political content you would probably never otherwise discover. This lengthy moose-shedding analogy commercial, from tea party conservative Joe Miller, is unique. It blasts Republican incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski for being a an antler-shedding HuffPo Democrat, among other things. If you can make it to the end, the money shot has Miller, back to camera, toting two shed antlers. It’s an Alaska thing.

Endorsing a primary challenge to a home-state sitting senator is fairly unusual for a former pol like Palin, but in Alaska, Palin is a rival to the Murkowski dynasty. Palin actually dislodged Ms. Murkowski’s father, Frank, in another GOP primary in 2006, after scandals had dragged his approval ratings below 20 percent. But that was after he had appointed Ms. Murkowski, his daughter, to fill his US Senate seat, which he vacated to run for governor.

Got that? By the standards of Alaska politics, antler-shedding and Sarah Palin herself aren’t even that wacky.

Here’s the Miller attack ad: