In quite a switch from debate #1, all of the scientific polls afterward gave President Obama a clear win last night.

The CNN poll found Obama won debate 46 percent–39 percent. Wolf Blitzer, this time, admitted up front that it was 8 percent skewed to GOP—just like the last two polls. (I hope my hammering at this for the past week did some good.) So a big win for Obama, and if you count “skew,” a huge edge.

Still, the main headline on the CNN site noted Obama did well, but “Romney Also Strong.” Blitzer broke down the poll and found a bunch of areas where Romney did better on economic issues. But he again mentioned poll skewed GOP by 8 percent. Quite a shift from last week.

The CBS instant poll: Obama wins, with 37 percent, Romney gets 30 percent and 33 percent are undecided. It had showed a similar win for Biden last week.

PPP poll of “moderate” voters in Colorado: 63 percent say Obama won. Nate Silver of The New York Times surveys the surveys and finds a few additional national and state post-debate polls, all favoring Obama.

Among the pundits: David Gergen gave it slightly to Obama. John King and Steve Schmidt both said Romney got clobbered on Libya. Chris Matthews, of course, scores it almost a shutout for Obama. Schmidt echoes my early tweet that if Obama had done this two weeks ago he’d still be far ahead. See Paul Krugman blog post titled "Chicken Hawk Down" on Romney blowing the Libya issue.

Many pundits saying Obama won but then downplaying it, saying probably won’t stop Romney “momentum.” The view from Nowhere.

David Axelrod denies Obama saved the brutal 47 percent reference to final minute. Ace blogger Digby tweets: “Fox is fact checking: Shocking that Obama lies about everything. Plus, angry black man.”

Obama campaign chief David Plouffe says Romney lied about not wanting to cut access to contraceptives and will use that in ads ASAP. Charles Krauthammer on Fox: Maybe women hate it but men love a “good brawl.” Adds: Obama “clearly had a good night,” Romney very good but Obama “wins on points.”

Others on Fox and the right complaining about the questions, Candy Crowley unfair, and so on. Unlike some liberals (such as myself), they refuse to fault Romney’s impolite “demeanor.”

Chuck Todd: I‘ve seen candidates who do not like each other but these two guys do not RESPECT each other.

Fun, Twitter-led drive uniting women around and against Mitt’s “binder” comment. Expect to see some walking binders in this month’s Halloween parades. For updates on post-debate reaction and more campaign news, go here. For some fun women-in-binders art and a fact-check disputing Romney's claim, go here.

Greg Mitchell has written more than a dozen books, including three on influential campaigns:  Upton Sinclair in 1934, Nixon-Douglas 1950, Obama 2008.

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