Here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the famed "redneck Riviera," the death of the King of Pop has taken second place to the adultery of the Governor in the local news. But it’s the comments posted online at South Carolina daily newspapers that suggest something about local sentiment on this issue. I guess I should not have been surprised by the number that blamed the woman, especially after the media identified her as Maria Belen Chapur, a journalist for the Argentine TV station Canal America.

In the Myrtle Beach Sun News [all quotes verbatim]: "Like most married men, he got caught involved with a woman of ways who seduced him. . . His biggest mistake was getting involved with a woman that when he tried to end it, sent copies of emails to his wife and the press anonymously and all knows she did it"– tooclassy4you.

"This gal is having the time of her life. She’s enjoying a sexual encounter with a governer in the US, AND most likely has another local stud on call for quickies. WOW! Ladies and gentleman this gal is a professional COUGAR" – ibshagn.

At the Charleston Post and Courier, blaming the woman was also a theme in the online comments: "She is a jaded divorcee and a gold-digger, a climber. Sorry mr Sanford, she "loved" you as much as she loved other "strong" men, not afraid to get close to mafia, in Argentina" — AnaLaura.

And in Columbia at The State, where enterprising reporter Gina Smith staked out the Atlanta airport and confronted the governor when he stepped off the Buenos Aires flight, some of the online comments were even wilder: "I can’t help but wonder how much information this lady might have been able to obtain from Sanford during their affair. Furthermore, with all the terrorists threats around the world, I hope someone is extensively investigating this woman’s background. If Sanford was going to have an affair, he should have at lease chosen a woman who was a US citizen"–Kimmy.

Of course there’s another woman who can be blamed: back at the Sun-News: "let me remind everyone a man strays because he is not being taken care of at home"–China2.