It took almost a week, but CBS and 60 Minutes have finally responded to criticisms of its recent “bombshell” report on the Benghazi tragedy which starred a contractor (and alleged witness) who seems to have changed his story dramatically.

The New York Times reports this morning that CBS and chief correspondent Lara Logan are standing by the story, admitting only that they should have mentioned that the new book written by the security contractor, Dylan Davies, is published by a CBS-connected company.

They did not admit, however, that they should have, at a minimum, disclosed that the report on the incident that Davies provided to his superiors immediately after it occured offered a completely different story than the one he now spins. In other words: He lied once. Now?

Davies has said that an account he gave US authorities matches the story in his book. His tale to his boss, he claims, was inaccurate because he was afraid to admit he had left his post against orders the night of the September 2012 incident.

The Washington Post got that scoop and Media Matters has probed the conflict ever since. The 60 Minutes defense late yesterday came after Media Matters launched a petition drive calling for a full CBS probe or retraction of the report.

Media Matters responded today by pointing out:

Despite admitting error in failing to inform viewers on the financial conflict, CBS still “aggressively defended the report’s accuracy,” including Davies’ account of the attacks, according to the Times. What’s more, Logan, who interviewed Davies for 60 Minutes, blamed “intense political warfare” for the criticism of her report and claimed that, despite the fact that he admitted he lied in at least one of his accounts of the attacks, Davies “never had two stories. He only had one story.” Logan failed to specifically address any of the problems with the report.

Mike Calderone at Huff Post tweeted just now that he agrees that the CBS response is inadquate.

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