The year is almost over, and it’s certainly been an eventful one.
We’ve seen a new president, some huge bank bailouts, a dramatic election
season and we’re closer than we’ve ever been to national health care
reform-whether that’s a good thing or not.

It’s also about to be 2010 and the end of a decade that Time magazine
suggested might’ve been the worst ever. Hyperbole? We’ll discuss the
year that was and the decade that was with a roundtable of our favorite
guests, including Katrina vanden Heuvel of <a
href=”/” target=”_blank”>The
, Mark Green of target=”_blank”>Air America, Danny Schechter of <a
href=”” target=”_blank”>News
Dissector, Max Blumenthal, author of <a
1568583982″>Republican Gomorrah, Maya Wiley of the <a
href=”” target=”_blank”>Center
for Social Inclusion !important”
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Wattleton of the target=”_blank”>Center for the Advancement of Women, and <a
href=”” target=”_blank”>Nancy Giles of CBS
News Sunday Morning.

We’ll also have an interview with Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films
on progressive organizing through media. We’ll be live right here for a
full hour, starting at 12:30 EST. Hope you’ll join us!

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