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The Case Against Homeownership

Instead of perpetuating the Ponzi scheme of private property for some, we should be demanding economic security for all.

Jane Chung

Journalists and Journalism

How CNN Went From Bad to Worse

Chris Licht’s disastrous reign is governed by reactionary centrism.

Jeet Heer
Books and Ideas

Why the Internet Hates Gay People

A conversation with Alexander Monea about his recent book on the history of search engines, content moderation, AI, and the ways they form biases against queerness.

Jacob Bruggeman
Middle East

The Convenient Myth of “Humane” Wars

How America hides the human toll of its military machine.

Norman Solomon


A village in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey after an earthquake in 1983.

Ferit Edgü’s Prescient Fiction of a Turkey in Crisis

His books, which examined the plight of eastern Turkey and the vanity of the Istanbul bourgeoise, take on new meaning after the February 6 earthquakes.

Kaya Genç
Joe Biden delivers remarks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House

There’s Never a Debt Ceiling for the Military-Industrial Complex

While the Biden-McCarthy deal denies food to hungry people, it increases Pentagon spending by tens of billions.

John Nichols
American 100 Dollar Bills Above U.S. Capitol

Democrats Settled for a Raw Deal

Biden’s concession to the House Freedom Caucus on the debt ceiling is nothing to celebrate.

Chris Lehmann


Katherine Dunn’s Counterculture Parables

Katherine Dunn’s Counterculture Parables

Dunn’s books are often described as cult classics, which fits not only in the sense that they inspire devotion but also in the sense that cults of personality always appear in them.

Nora Caplan-Bricker
Jeremy Strong in the finale of “Succession.”

The Janus-Faced End of “Succession”

At once cruel and compassionate, the finale of the much-loved HBO show revels in the space between tragedy and comedy.

Vikram Murthi
Michelle Williams and Hong Chau in “Showing Up.”

Kelly Reichardt’s Cinema of Class Conflict

In her latest film, Showing Up, she continues a career-long project of examining the bitter resentments produced by inequality. 

Alex Kong


Can the British Labour Party Win Power Without a Left Wing?

Can the British Labour Party Win Power Without a Left Wing?

Despite being far ahead of the ruling Conservatives in the polls, Labour’s leadership seems determined to purge its way to electability.

Rachel Shabi
Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, permanent representative of Russian Federation to the United Nations, and Ambassador Zhang Jun, permanent representative of China to the UN, engage in conversation during the UN Security Council meeting on Nord Stream pipeline explosions at the UN Headquarters on February 21, 2023, in New York City.

The Diplomatic Wins at the Heart of China’s Ascendancy

Its diplomatic feat of restoring relations in the Middle East reflects less its position as a rising power than the startling decline of American regional credibility.

Juan Cole
Rachid Ghanhouchi leaves a meeting with Tunisia's anti-terrorism prosecutor in Tunis last November.

The Throttling of Tunisian Democracy

Rachid Ghannouchi’s unjust imprisonment is an ominous sign for the enemies of despotism. 

John Keane

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