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It’s Not a Shutdown, It’s a Lockout and a Shakedown of Federal Workers

The bland, familiar language of “shutdown” coverage fails to capture the crisis into which federal workers and their families have been thrust.

John Nichols


The Shutdown Is Not a Result of Partisan Bickering

Trump doesn’t want to fold because it would bruise his ego; Democrats can’t fold without undermining the separation of powers for the remainder of Trump’s presidency.

Joshua Holland

Britain’s Brexit Crack-Up

Why has the Labour Party listened so late and so half-heartedly to the majority of its members who support the call for a People’s Vote?

Maria Margaronis
Nuclear Arms and Proliferation

US-North Korea Talks Are Moving Decisively to the Diplomatic Phase

Despite the progress, pundits and leading Democrats still complain.

Tim Shorrock
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The Green New Deal Is Our Best Hope for Saving the Planet—and Ending Poverty

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to end poverty and remake our economy so that it works for everyone.

Joe Sanberg

Needed: A Clear Foreign Policy of Progressive Realism

Democrats have the opportunity to define this positive policy, not simply react to Trump’s provocations.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Kirstjen Nielsen Lied to Congress About Trump’s War on Migrant Children

Senator Jeff Merkley is demanding a perjury inquiry. And he’s got documents that point to shameful wrongdoing.

John Nichols


Stories the Fashion Media Won't Tell

Why are fashion outlets ignoring Bangladeshi garment-worker protests?

Minh-Ha T. Pham

Britain Is Stumbling Toward the Worst Possible Brexit

A no-deal exit is what civil servants now consider most likely—and it is one that sections of the British public, in full kamikaze mode, are clamoring for.

Rachel Shabi

Discipline and Punish: The Birth of China’s Social-Credit System

In Hangzhou and throughout Shandong province, gold stars and black marks have begun to shape public and private behavior.

René Raphael and Ling Xi


Black Feminist Punks to the Front

On their debut album, London’s Big Joanie pay tribute to black sisterhood.

Ann-Derrick Gaillot

The Fyre Festival Documentary Is a Lurid Look Into Start-Up-Culture Grift

Chronicling the infamous music festival, the documentary looks at how tech bros turned a luxury getaway into a blockbuster scam.

Stephen Kearse

In the Shadow of the CMS

How content-management systems will shape the future of media businesses big and small. 

Kyle Chayka

Watch and Listen

Listen: The Left Needs to Resist Anti-Immigrant Initiatives From Within its Ranks

David Adler on politics, Pedro Noguera on the LA teachers’ strike, and Kate Aronoff on the battle of ideas.

January 17, 2019

Watch: This Is How We Win

It’s time to bring back the power of the strike. 

January 8, 2019

View: Portraits From the Exodus

Members of the migrant caravans, stranded in Tijuana, explain why they traveled thousands of miles from their homes.

December 14, 2018


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