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Why I Called the Murder of Richard Collins III a Lynching

How we define a “racist mob” in 2017 matters. 

Dave Zirin


Trump’s Cruel and Unusual Budget

George Zornick on the president’s attack on the poor, Ari Berman on voting rights, and Joshua Holland on Trump’s travels.

Start Making Sense and Jon Wiener

Democrats Are Launching a Commission to Protect American Democracy From Trump

In response to Trump’s “election integrity” commission, the DNC is going on offense on voting rights.

Ari Berman

What Happens to a Country When So Many of Its Workers Migrate?

About a third of Nepal’s GDP comes from remittances sent back from overseas.

Michelle Chen
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From the Magazine

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‘This Is a Thunderbolt of Resistance’

Progressives are flipping Republican statehouse seats to the Democrats—and sending a message to the rest of the country.

John Nichols

Donald Trump to Hungry Seniors: Drop Dead

Some 10 million elders are threatened by hunger—but the president’s budget would slash desperately needed funding for food programs.

Trudy Lieberman

California Takes Center Stage in the Resistance to Trump

The state Democratic Party has been moving rapidly to the left—and because it has a supermajority, that portends big social reforms.

Sasha Abramsky

Economic Justice

What if People Owned the Banks, Instead of Wall Street?

From Seattle to Santa Fe, cities are at the center of a movement to create publicly owned banks.

Jimmy Tobias

The Rev. William Barber Is Bringing MLK’s Poor People’s Campaign Back to Life

Barber is stepping down from his post at the North Carolina NAACP to lead what he calls a “national moral revival.”

Dani McClain

It’s Time for the Government to Give Everyone a Job

A new plan from CAP is a promising first step. 

David Dayen
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White House in Crisis

Donald Trump Committed Another Impeachable Offense This Week

And it had nothing to do with the Russia investigation. 

John Nichols

Trump Is a Cornered Megalomaniac—and That’s a Grave Danger to the Country

He will likely resort to all the tricks of the demagogue as he fights for his survival.

Sasha Abramsky

How Should We Investigate Trump’s Firing of Comey?

We need a special prosecutor—but an independent commission or select congressional committee would also help.

David Cole


‘Everybody’ Has Something to Say About Logic

Logic is an adept lyricist known for speedy, tongue-twisting flows, and yet much of the public narrative about the rapper fixates on the way he looks.

Marcus J. Moore

Doesn’t Every Political Resistance Need a Soundtrack?

In their efforts to protest Trump’s ascension as soon as possible, more than one artist has recast an existing song with lyrics applicable to the current crisis.

David Hajdu

Factory or Forest, Modernity and Climate Change

In India, the pathology of denial about global warming reveals the real crisis at our door—one of imagination.

Abhrajyoti Chakraborty
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Watch and Listen

Listen: How Do NFL Blackballings Work?

How a pro-football “blackballing” works.

May 23, 2017

View: These Haunting Photos Show the Deadly Absurdity of the US-Mexico Border Wall

A collaboration between photographer Richard Misrach and experimental composer Guillermo Galindo captures the austere brutality of the borderlands.

May 11, 2016

Watch: Clean In: How Hotel Workers Fought For a Union—And Won

A feminism for the 99 percent has been forged by working-class immigrant women who confronted Harvard’s first female president and Sheryl Sandberg.

March 8, 2017


Take Action

Demand That Congress Force Trump to Release His Tax Returns

It’s more important than ever that we understand exactly how Donald Trump stands to benefit from the power of his office.

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