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Republicans in Congress Think You’re an Idiot

The GOP tax bill should be toxic to everyone who is not ultra-rich.

Robert L. Borosage


A Trump-Endorsed Game of Thrones in Saudi Arabia

Are corruption charges really the reason that Muhammed bin Salman has detained nearly a dozen other members of the Saudi royal family?

Joshua Holland

Is This the Most Radical Mayor in America?

Chokwe Antar Lumumba has an audacious plan to make Jackson, Mississippi, the “most radical city on the planet.”

D.D. Guttenplan

The Revolutionary Potential of Journalism in Morocco

Despite free-speech reforms, Moroccan reporters work in a “perpetual state of dread.”

Benjamin Lesire-Ogrel and Cole Stangler
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Special Report

The Plot to Loot America’s Wilderness

A little-known bureaucrat named James Cason is reshaping the Department of the Interior.
Adam Federman

One day in Mid-March, James Cason, the associate deputy secretary at the Department of the Interior, convened an impromptu meeting of the senior staff of the Bureau of Land Management. Cason, whose office is on the sixth floor, rarely wandered the halls, and some career civil servants still had never… Continue Reading >


Democrats Can Win in Alabama—and Everywhere

Last week’s election results proved that the party can compete in deep-red areas.

John Nichols

The Rot Inside the Republican Party

Rupert Murdoch’s media properties are helping to drive the right wing’s moral decay.

Eric Alterman

What Should Democrats Do About Al Franken?

With work, Franken can and should survive this story of his past bad behavior. But if there are more tales like this, he’s probably history.

Joan Walsh


Bertolt Brecht: Poet of Ill Tidings

In his poetry, Brecht captured a world torn apart by war and depression.

Noah Isenberg

Orhan Pamuk’s Fathers and Sons

In The Red Haired Woman, the Turkish novelist returns to a central theme in much of his work.

Kaya Genç

Jennifer Egan’s Shadow Worlds

Manhattan Beach maps the networks of power working just below New York’s surface.

Katherine Hill

Watch and Listen

Listen: #MeToo: Sexual Assault & Sports

Olympic legend Nancy Hogshead-Makar talks to us about the #MeToo campaign and its effect on sports.

October 31, 2017

Watch: We’re DACA Recipients, but We’re Fighting for All Undocumented Immigrants

These young activists aren’t going to stop until the rights of all 11 million undocumented immigrants are protected.

September 27, 2017

View: The Borderlands’ Human Stain

Photographs that capture the traces of violence that have plagued the US-Mexico border for generations.

July 27, 2017


Take Action

Here’s How You Can Take Urgent Action to Defeat the Republican Tax Bill

Call your representative, join a rally, hear from Senator Bernie Sanders, and more.

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