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Chelsea Manning Will Be Free!

How Obama came to commute Manning’s sentence, and what her leaks revealed about America.

Greg Grandin and Chase Madar


The Congressional Resistance Grows as Dozens of House Members Boycott Trump’s Inauguration

More than 10 percent of House members have now announced they will protest rather than celebrate on Inauguration Day.

John Nichols

These Trump Nominees Might Be in Big Trouble

And even delays in confirmation could damage the Trump agenda. 

David Dayen

A Victory Lap for Run the Jewels

With the Trump presidency on the horizon, Killer Mike and El-P do what’s become customary for them: They urge us to get up and fight.

Marcus J. Moore
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Trump Just Stumbled Into a Canyon on Obamacare

His press conference today exploded whatever fragile deal the GOP was working on. 

David Dayen

The Coming Crusade Against Public Education

Secretary of Education–nominee Betsy DeVos has fought to “advance God's Kingdom” by privatizing the public-school system. 

Zoë Carpenter

‘I Don’t See Trump as a Legitimate President,’ Says Representative John Lewis

The nation’s greatest living civil-rights hero says what others won’t. Will other Democrats follow?

Joan Walsh

the cabinet

Jeff Sessions Could Return Criminal Justice to the Jim Crow Era

Sessions’s extreme views on crime and punishment are a throwback to the darkest chapters in American history.

Ari Berman

With Ben Carson at HUD, America’s Cities Really Could Become Hellholes

The neurosurgeon has blasted the agency’s work as “social engineering” and “communist.”

Joan Walsh

Rex Tillerson Would Put the Dollar Sign on the American Flag

Our country needs a secretary of state who will guide foreign policy with a steady hand, not place profit ahead of diplomacy.

John Nichols
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Facing the trump administration


Harvey Cox's Radicalism

How the theologian and social critic reminds us of the radical possibilities and egalitarian hopes of a Christian left.

Elizabeth Bruenig

Birth of an Imperial Nation

A new history of 19th-century America captures how the United States was always an empire.

Gabriel Winant

The Donald Glover Experiment

Who says the comedian, actor, rapper, TV writer can’t be everything all at once?

Marcus J. Moore
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Watch and Listen

Listen: Trump Is Vicious, But He’s Also Vulnerable

Gary Younge on Trump’s weaknesses, plus David Dayen on Obamacare’s future and Joy Reid on Obama’s racial rhetoric.

January 12, 2017

Watch: Homeless in the Shadow of Santa Barbara’s Mansions

For hundreds of families, home is a car in a quiet parking lot.

December 20, 2016

View: These Photos Show the People Who Turn a Cotton Plant Into Your Jeans

Following the path of cotton from Burkina Faso to Bangladesh to your local mall.

December 12, 2016