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Health Care

This Massachusetts Nurses’ Union Is Reviving the Strike Weapon

They’re bringing solidarity back, with a little help from Boston’s hard hats.

Jane McAlevey

New Studies Cast Doubt on Cherished Conventional Wisdom From 2016

Were Trump voters uniquely motivated by trade? Are Sanders and Clinton supporters really that ideologically different? New studies suggest no.

Joshua Holland
Foreign Policy

Is Trump Planning to Upend the Iranian Nuclear Accord?

Trump has certified that Iran is in compliance with the terms of the international nuclear agreement—but he doesn’t seem happy about it.

James Carden
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From the Magazine

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Mitch McConnell Is the Biggest Loser

He tried to sell the bill as all things to all GOP senators—and he got caught.

Joan Walsh

Trump’s Allies Are Taking Over the Media and Creating Their Own Reality

Is anybody paying attention?

Eric Alterman

ALEC Is Talking About Changing the Way Senators Are Elected and Taking Away Your Vote

A proposed resolution advocates for overturning the 17th Amendment so Republican-controlled state legislatures could pick senators.

John Nichols

World Politics

Trump’s Foreign-Policy Meltdown

Undermining confidence and alienating allies, Trump has already undone years of American diplomacy.

Alfred W. McCoy

How Can We Ensure Survival in a New Era of Nuclear Brinkmanship?

The era of amnesia is over—if we needed a wake-up call, the North Korean ICBM test supplied it with a vengeance.

Michael T. Klare

Is Morocco Headed Toward Insurrection?

The northeastern Rif, Berber heartland and site of the 1920s Rif Republic, is on fire—and the protests are spreading.

Hisham Aidi
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The Presence of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye’s Paintings

Though she routinely paints human figures, it’s better to understand her work as abstract art.

Ratik Asokan

A Billionaires’ Republic

American democracy has always been threatened by concentrations of wealth as much as those of power.

Jedediah Purdy

Martin Luther’s Revolution

The Protestant Reformation transformed not just Christianity but also our political and economic worlds.

Elizabeth Bruenig

Watch and Listen

Watch: VIDEO: People in Denmark Are a Lot Happier Than People in the United States. Here’s Why.

When governments provide benefits and services that allow its citizens to thrive, everyone wins.

July 17, 2017

Watch: Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism Is Destroying Our Democracy

How elites on both sides of the political spectrum have undermined our social, political, and environmental commons. 

June 2, 2017

Watch: Clean In: How Hotel Workers Fought For a Union—And Won

A feminism for the 99 percent has been forged by working-class immigrant women who confronted Harvard’s first female president and Sheryl Sandberg.

March 8, 2017
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