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I regret that Senator Obama's historical rise to power is a result of a cultish fixation among the liberal press. A similar figure from Maryland, Michael Steele, who ran for the Senate in 2006 and lost, who also gave a rousing speech at the Republican Convention in 2004, and who also is black, seems to receive little or no notice from the liberal press.

Mr. Steele was part of Robert Erlich's team, was a successful lieutenant governor, and when pitted against Maryland's Ben Cardin for a political run for the Senate, was never given the prestige of Mr. Obama. Why? Because he does not embody liberal attitudes and liberal stances.

It is abundantly clear that when our press creates a stunning "black figure" for President, and pushes him through to become the eventual winner, it is only because he embodies their cause. Anyone else is pushed aside as a mere footnote.

I wonder how many people remember Michael Steele's similar presentation at the 2004 Republican Convention, or how many people even knew that Michael Steele existed. I doubt that many people would throw oreo cookies around when Senator Obama spoke, as some have been known to do at a debate when Steele ran for Lt. Governor.

It's not that Michael Steele is not black enough, he is not liberal enough to warrant being looked at. While he was running for Senator in 2004, did anyone remark about how he was black, running in a predominantly democratic state, against a white candidate? His conservative views from abortion rights to the Iraq War to his position on affirmative action (which I saw no reference about in the article) show his position is about as far right on matters as Senator Obama's is left.

My point is, that Senator Obama's rise to power would have nothing to do with his race if he did not embody the cause of the left wing of the party, and the left side of our press. If Senator Obama were conservative, he would be a mere blip on the screen. The liberal press loves a good story, but only if that story has a happy ending that meets their limited political point of view. If you gave me Senator Obama over Lt. Governor Steele... I'd take Mike Steele in a heartbeat.

Frank D'Onofrio

Conowingo, MD

Jan 8 2008 - 1:00pm