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Liberals are unrealistic

Whether the bleedin'-heart left likes it or not, nasty fossil fuels are going to continue to be our primary energy source for the next fifty years at least.

For one thing, it's going to take a long time to replace the 250 million internal combustion engine– powered motor vehicles on our roads, even if a satisfactory electric-powered one is developed. For another, a satisfactory replacement for petro-driven aircraft engines is barely in the daydream stage.

The loony left wants us all to move into communal log houses, but America remains a center/right nation unwilling to follow the loony left's suggestion; we aren't going to return our civilization to an eighteenth-century configuration.

Even if electric autos are developed to provide the mileage demanded by the public, golf carts don't have the power to plow through even a moderate snowfall. It's understandable that many Left Coast dwellers evidently who've never seen snow aren't aware of the fact, but most of the nation sets in snow country and our ground transportation must be able to cope with a four-season climate, not merely a one-season one. Minneapolis, not LA, will set the standard of what's a successful electric design.

This discussion is typical of liberal bright ideas. As a friend, Anothoy Kohler of Tucson, describes the leftist mindset, "Liberals, as a group, are utterly wedded to doing what sounds good and/or feels good with no concern for what actually works. This is one of the reasons they resort to ad hominem attacks on their opponents—they have absolutely no way to confront their opponents on issues, so they have to shut down opposition before the discussion gets to facts and figures."

David Livingston

Colorado Springs, CO

Jul 16 2010 - 3:43pm