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Brooks on Palin and "prudence"

I don't like Brooks, Palin, et al. any more than Greg Mitchell does, but his claim that Brooks's only criticism of Palin came at a small forum in October 2008 suggests he may have overlooked his anti-Palin piece in the New York Times in September 2008. I actually like his two paragraphs on prudence—a quality he does not attribute to Palin—although I think what he has defined might better be called "wisdom" or some such.


Robert Danow

Dallas, TX

Jul 7 2010 - 8:29pm

Not that reasonable

No, it is still very certain that David Brooks is not the last reasonable man—in whatever context one wishes to place him. If you got to his column today 7/6/10 NY Times, he makes little sense regarding what needs to be done to get jobs available and lift the economy and unemployment to a more acceptable level. His last two or three small paragraphs save his tiny soul when he insists that the money be made for those unemployed—duh! Why did it take him so long?—and more jobs be made available or credit be loosened for companies. He and so many other journalists and politicians have never been without a job or with a bank account so low that they didn't know where they would get the money to pay the rent or buy food for the family. He made no comment that I remember either regarding the 10 percent raise that all the Congresspeople gave themselves, despite the fact the bill for unemployment money was also sitting in front of them and for that to be passed we needed more money in the Treasury. Talk about twisted logic!


Patricia Wilson

San Jose, CA

Jul 6 2010 - 8:01pm